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A Complete Guide to Cancun’s Weather

Cancun is a vibrant resort located on Mexico’s northeast coast and Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun has been a popular resort in Mexico for many years now and certainly knows how to keep bringing the crowds back time after time.

In and around Cancun are some pretty spectacular and luxurious hotels, but if you can peel yourself of your sunbed and your lavish surroundings, you won’t be short of things to do.

Cancun enjoys a year-round tropical climate so the weather is always warm, however, it’s worth bearing in mind the rainy season runs from June to October. But don’t worry, it doesn’t rain all day, usually there’ll be short spurts in the evening. There is no getting away from the fact that July to October  is the hurricane season, although these are few and far between and Cancun and the hotels are well prepared if this does occur.

Here’s what you can expect…

January – 28°C

Cenotes are natural underground pools which are created when cave ceilings collapse. You can snorkel, dive or just take a dip to cool down.

February – 28°C

Experience a night of live entertainment, music acrobatics and a whole lot more at the world famous Coco Bongo’s.

March – 31°C

Large selections of watersports are available on Cancun beach, from adrenaline pumping jetpacks to a lazy parasail ride.

April – 31°C

Is it the year you say “I do”? Have you have ever fancied getting married overlooking the Caribbean Sea? Cancun may well be the perfect place for you to tie the knot.

May – 33°C

Xcaret Eco Park is a great day out for all the family. With underground rivers, aquariums and folklore shows, it’s a great way to explore the old Mayan cultures.

June – 32°C

Visit Mexico’s most popular tourist attraction Chichen Itaza. This old Mayan site dates back to 600AD.

July – 32°C

Cancun has plenty of championship golf courses available if you fancy a round in the sun.

August – 32°C

Enjoy lazy days at the beach and enjoy magnificent views of the warm Caribbean Sea.

September – 32°C

Enjoy the views as you take a bird’s eye tour of Cancun in a private helicopter.

October – 30°C

The Mayan City of Tulum was built late in the 13th century and is the only Mayan City built on the coast.

November – 30°C

Enjoy a laid back relaxing day with a boat ride to the tranquil island Isla Mujeres.

December – 28°C

Set sail around the Caribbean Sea on a catamaran cruise.

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