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A Clubber’s Guide to Zante

It’s almost summer, which means it’s time for you and your friends to start arranging that all-important party holiday. Nowadays clubbing locations are battling it out to give young people the most wild trips, with countless bars, clubs and drinks deals to help you decide.

There’s one destination that stands out as a cut above the rest, and that’s Zante – the king of the hill for clubbing on Greek island holidays. Locally known as Zakynthos, this southernly Ionian island welcomes thousands of people to its shores every year to party away the high season with cheap drinks, good grub and water sports – all day, everyday. Here’s a guide aimed at anybody looking to paint the town red in Zante this year, with all the party hot-spots in one simple list.


G-Spot, Laganas Main Road, Laganas

G-Spot is one of the most pleasing places to sit and watch Zante come to life in the evenings. Table service, free frozen daiquiri shots and creamy cocktails make this the place to hit early on in the evening.

Fishbowl, Laganas Main Road, Laganas

To start things off with a bang, make sure you head to Fishbowl. As the name suggests, this bar will serve you huge glasses of booze so you can get some – moderate, of course – drinking done before hitting the main strip to go crazy.

Wild Cayote, Laganas Main Road, Laganas

This little indie bar is a chilled out place to slowly build up to a night out on the Zante strip. They serve up inventive shots with cola bottles and other tasty sweets, and there’s something known as the dentist’s chair, where somebody pours booze into your open mouth while you lie back on, yes, a dentist’s chair.

Super clubs

Zero’s, Laganas Main Road, Laganas

For a full on clubbing experience head straight for Zero’s, one of the biggest and most extravagant nightclubs in Laganas. Famous for their amazing entertainment, bartenders’ pouring tricks and world-class DJs, Zero’s could fast become your favourite club on the planet.

Sabotage, Laganas Beach, Laganas

Located in the two-story clubbing empire that is Aussies/Sabotage, this is the neon lighted, late-night, dark side of the organisation. Known in Zante for having the cheapest alcohol deals on the seafront strip, you get two clubs for the price of one, and that offer goes for the drinks too.

Sizzle, Laganas Beach, Laganas

Every Saturday, Sizzle turns up the heat with its Colour Blast Party. People go in for the cheap drinks, and come out covered in UV paint. It’s an amazing mix of banging club tunes, paint throwing and dance offs.

Rescue, Laganas Main Road, Laganas

Rescue is able to hold over 2,000 party-goers every night, with a huge sound system and multiple bars and stages. Where Rescue go, other clubs in the area follow, not least because this club is known for holding the first ever paint party in Zante.

Cocktails & Dreams, Laganas

Expect the best light shows on the island, with dancing on bars and drinks being poured directly into your mouth – for free! This a cut above the rest, and the cocktails on offer show how drinking here is better than anywhere else in Zante.

Waikikis, Main Laganas Road, Laganas

This is where all of the bar staff come after their shifts are over, so if you want a chance of seeing that one who caught your eye while pouring you shots again, then your best bet is here. It’s also a great place to come when you’re tired of chart music.

Boat parties

Rum and Raybans

If it’s a booze cruise you’re after on Zante holidays, climb aboard the Rum and Raybans’ boat party. 480 tickets are up for grabs per trip, but be warned – they go fast. Free shots all night, sunset swims and tickets to an after party are included. Oh, and there’s even a firework display.

Ship faced

Every Wednesday and Friday sees Aussies/Sabotage set sail on the high seas with great DJs and free shots. Guys and girls throw on their best swimming costumes to play drinking games on this crazy party boat. It’s a great environment for making new friends and getting up close and personal on the dance floor.


VVIP events are one of largest organisers of parties on the island. You’ll see their name on hundreds of parties throughout the high season in Zante, but this is the icing on the cake. While there are thousands of tickets available, only a few lucky people get the Gold and Platinum passes, which include free drinks and access all areas VVIP access.

Beach clubs

Cherry Bay, Laganas Beach, Laganas

Cherry Bay’s beach party is top of the pile if you want to kick it off early. This world-famous beach has been one of the most-visited shorelines in Zante for over 20 years. Cherry Bay also host their infamous full moon parties, but again, tickets sell fast so make sure you don’t leave it till the last minute.

Aussies, Laganas Beach, Laganas

Aussies is the loud, wet and wild party that rages alongside Sabotage. The cheap drinks offers of two-for-one on just about anything goes on throughout the day, so kick back and party in the fresh air while juggling as many drinks as you can.

Pure, Laganas Beach, Laganas

For the full on, full moon extravaganza, hit up Pure on Laganas Beach. This neon party rages all through the night, and even has its own swimming pool if you and your new friends fancy going for a cheeky dip.

Republic, Laganas Beach, Laganas

Meet the softer side of coastal club life at Republic. With laid-back ambient electronic music and plenty of comfy seats, this is a great place to have a day off without stopping the party entirely.

Rest and re-energise

If you’re looking for a day out come sunrise, your time in Zante is best spent on the beach. Whether you’re looking for some more full-throttle excitement or just want to lie back and work on your tan, you can live at your own pace on the island’s coast.

Laganas Bay itself is not allowed to host water-sports due to a rare breed of turtle living in the area. However, a short trip to No Fear Watersports at Vassilikos will have you high-tailing across the waves in no time. Just 20 minutes by coach, with regular connections running every day, Vassilikos’s Banana Bay has water-skiing, parasailing, boat hire and wake boarding options available.

A little pick me up

For some tasty grub the morning after a late night, head to the beach and settle in at one of the seaside bars. There are so many options, including local tavernas, international restaurants and, of course, some British food if you’re hankering for a taste of home. In Zante, you can grab a Full English for breakfast, a Greek meze for lunch and a Chinese takeaway for dinner. How’s that for service?

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