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Clever Orang-utan Plots Daring Escape

Karta, the very clever orang-utan, has made a bid for freedom from Adelaide Zoo, Australia by short circuiting an electric fence.

Visitors to the popular tourist attraction watched in amazement as the 137lb primate executed what appeared to be a very cleverly thought out plan.

She built up a pile of debris next to her enclosure wall, jammed a stick into the wiring, then with the help of overhanging branches, pulled herself up over the concrete and glass wall.

Officials immediately evacuated the area as Karta sat on top of the enclosure for around 30 minutes before voluntarily climbing back down.

Paul Whitehead, an experienced Zoo Keeper explained that the 27 year old had a history of trying to outsmart her keepers and was considered by them to be highly intelligent.

The Keepers now planned to clear her enclosure of any vegetation or debris that she might be able to use in a future bid for freedom.