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Dive-in movies: a match made in heaven

You’ve all heard of drive-in cinema, that icon of the 1950s where teenagers watch (usually scary) movies while snogging in their cars. Now there’s a new fashion, a way of watching movies from the comfort of your swimming pool or from the sea: dive-in movies! Not so much traditional cinema as a good excuse for a pool party, dive-in movies provide the perfect pretext to lounge in a tube, grab an iced cold drink, relax and enjoy the show…

They’re cropping up in student unions, holiday resorts, smart hotels and homes all over the world where a projector or an inflatable and waterproof screen can be installed to show some of the newest and coolest movies. Some good suggestions for poolside viewing include the Pirates of the Caribbean (1 to 5!), Forgetting Sarah Marshall (set in Hawaii) and Surf’s Up. Can you think of some more?

Here’s a selection of a few of the most awesome dive-in movie spots around the world:

Dive-in Woodlands
Dive-in theatre at the Woodlands Resort in Texas, which features the latest movies screened at dusk through sunset
Dive-in movie Lobo Village
Enjoy a dive-in movie on the Lobo Village student campus in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dive-in Cosmopolitan
Cool off and watch a movie in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Boulevard Pool
Dive-in fancy
Watch a film in your own pool in this gorgeous home cinema setup
Dive-in dream home
Another take on a dive-in dream home, this time with comfy purple lilos. I love it!
Dive-in Thailand
And of course, there is nothing wrong with this extravagant dive-in movie screening in Thailand – wonder what they’re watching…?