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Break Bread and Have Breakfast: Churches to Offer Overnight B&B Stays

Taking a holiday in the UK is often a good option if you’re looking for something inexpensive, and with no airport stress involved. It’s an idea that’s environmentally friendly too. However, how to up the ante and go somewhere that you’re proud to show off on social media?

One original idea is to stay overnight in a church. The Churches Conservation Trust has recently set up a special “champing” scheme – that’s church camping! You’re allowed to stay overnight in certain churches that are not in regular use, and you get to have the whole place to yourself. There are currently three churches to choose from, All Saints’ Church in Northamptonshire, , the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Kent, and the Church of St Cyriac and St Julitta in Cambridgeshire. The Trust suggests it’s a great way to enjoy rural Britain and ecclesiastical architecture – though perhaps you should leave your selfie stick at home.

Although not supplied with the best of heating, we are assured that staying in a church might be warmer than you think, because you can set up your camp bed where ever you like – a box pew is suggested as a cosy nook. Lighting is by candle light and you even get breakfast delivered by a local.

Champing costs £65 a night and if it goes well, the scheme is to be expanded to more locations in 2016.