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Choosing perfect honeymoon packages in Mexico

Honeymoon packages in Mexico are popular because the weather is fantastic, the locals are warm-hearted, the exchange rate is favourable and there are some fascinating cultural and historical sites on show. Some of the best honeymoon accommodation can be found on the Riviera Maya, where there’s a large variety of all-inclusive resorts and smaller boutique hotels as well as many fine restaurants that line the coastal highway 307. Of course, the choice of honeymooners is usually guided by budget, time constraints and individual opinion, and so, instead of just listing some popular honeymoon packages in Mexico, we’ve recommended them according to personal taste as well:

For beach lovers

Overlooking the idyllic white sands of Playa del Carmen, resorts like Playacar Palace, The Royal Playa Del Carmen and Gran Porto Real provide a luxurious all-inclusive service that’s perfect for tanning on the beach (learn how to get your body bikini ready), taking a dip in a sparkling pool or going out for dinner in the nearby restaurants of Playa del Carmen. “Playa”, as it’s popularly known, began as a small fishing town but expanded rapidly with the growth of tourism to the Maya Riviera. One popular outing is to catch a ferry to Cozumel, the island across the channel, and enjoy some scuba diving.

For party goers

The hotel zone in Cancun is Mexico’s equivalent of Vegas, hosting top international entertainers and DJs and home to sleek (and quite often pricey) clubs. In downtown Cancun, though, Yaxchilan Avenue has less hype and lower prices for honeymooners looking for more of a relaxed atmosphere. It’s still possible to stay in a hotel right on the sand in Cancun’s hotel zone; some great picks are Hotel Dos Playas, Bellevue Beach Paradise and Temptation Resort Spa. Cancun is of course one of the world’s best-known tourist destinations, and its location right on the edge of the Caribbean Sea makes it easy to see why.

For Maya admirers

Historically, the Riviera Maya began in Cancun and ended in the village of Tulum, but since this district has become popular in recent years it has expanded significantly. Tulum is very near the stunning Pre-Columbian walled Mayan city, which is a big attraction to the town. Although in the past Tulum was a quiet village, in recent years several quality restaurants, bars, shops and cafes have added to the holiday ambience, making it an excellent choice for historically-minded honeymooners. Two great places to stay in Tulum are  Iberostar Hotel Grand Paraiso and Dreams Tulum Resort And Spa.

Did you go to Mexico on your honeymoon? If you went somewhere equally interesting, tell us about it in the comments.