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After Sunset – A Beach to Evening Lookbook

After Sunset – A Beach to Evening Lookbook

There’s so much exploring to do on holiday, and you don’t want to take bags of extra clothes with you when you’re out and about. But you don’t have to with these nifty ideas for transforming your beach look into an elegant evening ensemble or sexy party number.

These outfits have comfort and style in mind so you won’t get too hot on the beach and can easily slip on a cover-up when you’re heading to that classy nightspot. Our pick of accessories will also set off your outfit whether you’re on the sand or on the dancefloor.

Long and lace

For that special evening meal when you want to look chic as the sun goes down on a balmy night, try this maxi cover-up. It has just the right amounts of sass and modesty for you to grace any restaurant. Team it with a black felt fedora and a colourful necklace and you’ll look every inch the celebrity.

Patterned cover-ups

These beautiful kaftans are ideal for slipping on when you go to fetch an ice cream, and it works just as well for long nights at a beach bar. Smart or casual? You decide with this geometric print kaftan. The black print with a hint of blue and white is ultra-versatile, so take it with you for those days when plans are sketchy.

Multi-purpose wraparound

With over 20 ways you can wear a sarong or pareo – just YouTube it – having one packed might be the best holiday fashion hack ever. Harking from different parts of the world, but basically the same thing, these long pieces of fabric can be worn round you waist, chest or over your shoulder in a combination of ways.

One of our favourites is this tropical jungle print sarong that’s sure to make a statement. Or for something soft against your skin to combat the sand itches, this 100% non-transparent silk pareo comes in a tribal pattern. A little on the pricey side, the luxurious feel of the fabric will more than make up for it.

Give it some bling

You might not want to wear jewellery in the heat of the day for fear of outrageous tan lines but keep a necklace or some bangles in your bag for later on and you can instantly lift a daytime outfit into something special. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with this Metal Tube Collar Necklace from Topshop for added wow factor.

Wear a flare

Those of us who’ve tried pulling on skinny jeans in the swimming pool changing rooms will know that tight trousers after a dip in the sea also isn’t a good idea. But you might not be a dress kind of girl, or want something a little warmer than a sarong for staying out all night. In which case, try some elegant flared trousers instead.

Available in classic Winter White or make-a-statement Havana Red these French Connection linen trousers give an amazing silhouette when slipped on over your swimming costume. These cropped lace cullottes are also a really pretty option for trousers.

Fancy footwear

There are so many sandals to choose from, but as they’re so slim you can fit at least a few pairs in your suitcase, right? Work the fringing trend that is still hanging in strong with these tassly beauties – they’ll add a certain ‘je ne c‘est quoi’ to your look night or day.

Not one to be outdone on the sandal front, another fine choice from Accessorize are these Grecian style sparkling gold toe posts that give instant holiday glamour. They even say the gripped sole ensures ‘beach-to-bar comfort’ – it’s like they’re made for the job.

Can’t take my eyes off you

Your look wouldn’t be complete without a pair of cool shades. Take them out with you after the beach as you’ll need them for gazing on the gorgeous sunset with a glass of something cold in your hand. And when you come out of a club at 6am they can cover up the bleary-eyed look.

These Toms tortoiseshell sun specs look amazing and the incredibly responsible brand will help give sight to a person in need with every pair of eyewear purchased.

Top it off

Not only will you look like Catherine Zeta-Jones wearing a wide-brim hat, but it will keep off the sun a treat, with straw and paper ones also keeping you cool. This stylish French Connection floppy hat comes in black and natural.

What better excuse to get shopping than having a holiday booked? Search for your favourite sunny hotspot here, then you can match your wardrobe to your destination.

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