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Chefchaoeun: Discovering Morocco’s Blue Gem

You’ve been enjoying holidays to Agadir or Essaouira, you have been chasing adventures in the streets of Marrakech, you know every corner of Casablanca, but still feel like there’s something missing in your Moroccan holidays? Don’t sit back with contentment: there is still a little, hidden place you should never (ever!) miss out on during your trip, a blue corner in the north-eastern tip of the country called Chefchaouen.

Wandering through the town’s blue-coloured houses, narrow alleyways and climbing up the surrounding hills, you can discover an ancient heritage amid scenic views. First, start your visit from the local medina, where Andalusian architecture mixes up with the Arab style in what is one of the country’s most unique religious centres.

Then why not enjoy more secular activities and take it easy as the locals do? Embroidery, basket-making and pottery are among the most ancient traditions here. If you’re an aspiring potter, at Ghazoua you can even take introductory classes.

 You love taking photos? The town’s vivid colours will impress everybody back home – and you’ll get dozens of Facebook likes as well! Think of the waterfall, east of the medina, where local women do their laundry, or the hill behind it, which has scenic views. Panorama addict? Aim for the hill where Hotel Atlas is situated and enjoy the most breath-taking view of the town and valley.

And if cobbled stones and ancient houses are all very well, but you desperately need more adventure, think of Chefchaouen as a starting point: from the village of Zaouiya Habteene, just 7.5 miles  away, you will be able to join guided hiking tours across the stunning Talassemtane Park for a full immersion in the local environment. If sustainable tourism and trekking are your cup of tea, check out Gite Talassemtane to find out more.

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