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The Cheapest Places to Travel Revealed

When you’ve already paid for your holiday, no one wants to arrive at a destination to find steep prices. There’s nothing worse than spending your days budgeting your holiday spends and worrying about how far your money will stretch. Are you interested in discovering which countries are the cheapest to visit? If yes, then read on.

Travel on the cheap this year and choose a wallet-friendly destination that won’t leave you stranded. Not sure where to go? Or perhaps you’re wondering what are the cheapest All Inclusive destinations. Well, you’re in luck because we’ve listed the cheapest places to travel so you know exactly where to head this year.

Cheapest short haul destinations

Sunny Beach

If you’ve never considered a holiday in Sunny Beach, we suggest you think about it. Renowned for its pumping nightlife, string of coastlines and warm weather, Bulgaria, and more specifically the resort of Sunny Beach, is slowly becoming one of Europe’s must-see spots.

For many the biggest appeal has to be its great value. In fact, Sunny Beach has become the king of budget destinations due to its rocket-bottom prices. Holidaymakers can grab a bottle of beer for under a pound and a two course meal for two people for just over a fiver – surely that’s reason enough to book.

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The Algarve

Another one of Europe’s best value spots is Portugal’s Algarve. While, prices seem to be on the rise elsewhere, the Algarve’s seem to be dropping. So, if you hate the thought of a finishing your meal and being presented with a pricey bill, don’t worry, Portugal’s Algarve region is packed with affordable finds. As long as you stay clear of restaurants with a sea view or Michelin-starred menus, there are plenty of cash-saving eateries at your feet. Or why not reduce the food bill by booking an All Inclusive Algarve Portugal holiday?

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Costa del Sol

Spain is packed with holiday destinations, but when it comes to travel money tips, Spain’s Costa del Sol region comes out on top.

Overloaded with tons of free things to do and affordable food and drinks, a holiday in this region could save you a fortune. This is especially apt if you’re travelling with kids as you’ll be working with a bigger budget. It’s – spots such as Puerta Banus in Marbella will be pricier than the likes of Fuengirola and Torremolinos.

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Over in the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey’s popular resort of Marmaris is so much more than its bustling harbour and glistening waters. This Turkish favourite has plenty of restaurants, bars and things to do, and the best part is you won’t have to break the bank to do them.

If you’ve come here to shop, Marmaris is known for its bargain buys and bartering, so if you haggle hard enough you could grab some great souvenirs at extremely cheap prices.

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Cheapest long haul countries


Not only is Thailand stunningly beautiful, but it’s cheap! That said – there’s no wonder this South East Asia hotspot is a heaven for budget conscious backpackers. And with more and more package holidays to Thailand, there are plenty of opportunities to explore this striking coastline.

Eating and drinking is all part of your Thailand experience, just make sure you avoid fancy restaurants and over-priced bars. Instead opt for street food and low-key drinking spots, and you’ll find this country is very affordable.


The next popular budget destination is another South East Asia favourite, yes we’re talking about Vietnam. With transport, food, drinks and shopping all fairly priced, you may even come back with money. But you need to know where to find the bargains. Stick to food markets and streets stalls, and you’ll never pay high prices for your food. The best part is – the food is just as good as the dishes you will find in many of the country’s restaurants.

Another great way to save money is travelling on a night train as they are usually much kinder to your budget compared to normal train fares.


Topping the list as one of the world’s ultimate destinations for budget holidaymakers, India offers so much for so little. One thing’s for sure, you’ll eat like a king. And by that we mean the freshest seafood and mouth-watering curries at the lowest prices. Plus, with so much to see from temples to waterfalls and glowing sands, you’ll be happy to know that getting around is incredibly cheap too.

Although there are a number of ways to get around, local buses are usually the cheapest mode of transport with a long distance bus ride costing approximately £5.

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Although not as cheap as Asia, a visit to Cuba is a great way to see the Caribbean without paying the extortionate prices of places like the Bahamas and Bermuda.

Cuban cuisine is relatively cheap, especially if you choose to eat from peso food stands, while drinks are just as budget-friendly. If you’re not fussed about drinking locally branded beer, it’s easy to holiday on low spends here. Tours aren’t badly priced either, but they will soon add up – it may be best limiting the amount of tours you do if you’re planning on an inexpensive trip. 

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