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Cheaper Christmas in the USA This Time Around

Research from Bing Travel has shown that USA holidays will be a significantly cheaper prospect this Christmas than last year.

The travel authority said that it expects a drop in prices for both flights and hotel accommodation over the holiday season. Airfares on flights to the USA are expected to fall by more than 1 per cent and on average you’ll also be able to nab a night in a luxury five star hotel for about 8 per cent less than last year.

When you consider the costs of taking family holidays to a place like New York or Las Vegas, with multiple flights and hotel rooms, these savings can add up to a pretty penny. Christmas is already an expensive time so it’s best to make the most of any offers available in conjunction with these price drops.

Reductions should be even more significant in some locations. For example, the top family holidays destination in the USA, Florida, should experience major reductions on flights into the state from key airport hubs.

Hotels across the board should be much cheaper this Christmas, according to Bing’s research. Visitors to highly desirable destinations like New York, Las Vegas and Washington D.C can expect much reduced rates (anywhere between 10 and 15 per cent) on rooms at three, four and five star hotels.

Even a short hop across the border to Cancun can make for cheaper Mexico holidays this Christmas as average room rates there should be 12 per cent less than last Christmas.

Of course, all this saving can either reduce the overall cost of Christmas or result in more holiday cash for splashing on Christmas holiday treats and presents!