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Cheap Holidays With Workmates Growing in Popularity

Taking cheap holidays with your work colleagues may not be your idea of getting away from it all, but more and more Britons are opting for this holiday arrangement, according to a new poll from the Sunshine travel agency.

Researchers found that almost one in ten UK holidaymakers – 9 per cent – have been on holiday with at least one of their workmates over the past 12 months.

Although family holidays were the most common arrangement by a huge margin – a massive 89 per cent of respondents had taken cheap holidays with family members over the past year – and 61 per cent had holidayed with their partner, holidays with colleagues were the fourth most popular choice of arrangement, albeit far below the third choice, which was holidays with friends. Some 59 per cent of respondents had opted for this.

The poll was rounded off by the 2 per cent of Britons who had decided to go on holiday by themselves.

When it came to the 9 per cent who had taken holidays with work colleagues, some 44 per cent of respondents said that their arrangements were down to the fact that people had become “very good friends” while working together and 4 per cent had capitalised on a work-related event overseas and made a they had taken advantage of a work-related event abroad and made cheap holidays out of them.

Sunshine co-founder Chris Brown commented: “We obviously expected most people to have been on holiday with friends and family, but weren’t expecting quite so many to have said they’ve actually been away with colleagues before. I suppose it helps if you’re friends before you start working together, but then again you spend so much time with the people that you work with, it’s easy to see why close bonds are formed.”