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Cheap And Cheerful In Fuengirola

I was desperate to go away on holiday but my husband, Nicolas, was worrying about funds and didn’t want to spend much. I had my heart set on a little family break though, so set about scouring the internet for that perfect bargain bargain. We really didn’t mind where we went as long as there was something to do for our boys (aged 7 and 5). I came across a fantastic SC apartment in Fuengirola which is located in the Costa del Sol, Spain, and after reading some positive reviews, got too excited and just had to book it! The flight times weren’t good but the bargain was worth sacrificing a little sleep for. A very long fortnight of anticipation later we finally jetted off.

When we got there I was sure they’d confused us with someone who’d paid far more money! Our apartment was really spacious and balcony view was beautiful. The staff were very friendly and the maid were absolute gems. They kept our room spotless, even tidying up after my very messy boys.

Out and about my boys particularly loved the mini-train that runs around our resort and into the neighbouring resort of Benalmadena. The zoo is a fab day out! It’s like a tropical rain forest, and the animal enclosures are so alike to their natural habitat. It has so many exotic animals too, many of which the boys had never seen before. We also made a splash in the water park. The boys loved it so much they nagged for us to go again, and the day before we flew home we finally gave in and went again!

There’s a promenade running the length of the beach lined with plenty of beach side tavernas and cafes for nice snacks. The beach goes on for miles! It’s really clean too, and my boys had so much fun burying their dad and paddling in the sea.

We found plenty of places to eat on a night, the only problem we had we choosing where! Many places had really good menus. We had a fantastic cheap holiday and I’d recommend Fuengirola to people searching for a great family holiday.

Mandy Cotton & family