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Celebrities Who Love to Showcase Their Curves – And So Can You

No matter what size you are or how you think you look, it’s important to embrace who we are. Thin used to be in but, now we are seeing celebrities projecting a healthier body image and embracing their curves. So this summer, forget being skinny on the beach and concentrate on being a real woman – fit, healthy and beautiful.

With Dove’s ‘Real Women’ and Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaigns encouraging us to love our bodies and to get active whatever our body type, the time is now to take part in activities or a sport you’ve always wanted to do without fear of judgment that usually prevents many of us from doing exercise.

So with this in mind, here are our favourite celebrities who love their curves and love sharing tips on how you can look and feel fantastic on the beach.

Nicki Minaj is famous for her singing but also for her hourglass figure and she’s not afraid to showcase her curves. Nicki credits dance routines and cross training to keeping her in good shape and says dancing is an excellent form of exercise that can burn lots of calories.

To define her curvy body, Nicki does weight training along with squats and lunges as these help to develop the glutes and thighs and accentuate her curves.

Nicki acknowledges that the most important aspect of her lifestyle is her diet. She believes that by having a healthy diet it has a positive impact on her health and well-being. She consumes good nutritious fruit and veg along with fast burning carbohydrates.

@giuseppezanottiworld and #AlexanderWang last night on SNL.

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Beyonce wrote the song Bootylicious as a response to the pressure that was put on her to lose weight to be thin. There is no denying she has an incredible body with curves in all the right places but she works hard to achieve this. Beyonce is a major fan of healthy eating and eats three meals a day with plenty of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and has two servings of fish a week.

As she leads a very active lifestyle she keeps her energy levels by snacking on fruit, oatcakes with cottage cheese or yogurt covered almonds along with drinking plenty of water. Beyonce allows herself a treat occasionally, stating enjoy junk food in moderation now and then, just don’t go overboard.

With the strenuous pace of touring Beyonce does circuit training alongside working out with weights, she combines this with running three miles a day. She suggests choosing an exercise that you can follow for at least three days a week and one that fits in with your lifestyle so you’re more likely to stick to it.

Queen B accepts she’s not naturally skinny and detests fad diets, so love your body and your curves – they are attractive and beautiful.

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The Kardashians love social media and share it all for the world to see – good and bad. When it comes to body critiques Khloe Kardashian has heard it all, but, despite the negative comments, she’s been wearing self-confidence like it’s the new Michael Kors bag. Her commitment to body transformation has been well documented along with her new relationship with food.

She revealed that she is big on snacking so she makes sure she has plenty of pre-cut veggies and fruit in her fridge as this stops her making unhealthy food choices. Khloe loves boxing as it works your entire body it burns some serious calories – we are guessing this is how her new found abs were formed.

Khloe also has a personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson who puts her through her paces especially in the gym, she is a massive fan of using weights with deadlifts being her favourite – so don’t be afraid to use them as they help to shape your body and give you a lean physique.

Khloe says even if you don’t have natural assets you can tone what your mama gave you. She advises to start small so you don’t get discouraged and give up.

Filmed another Khlo-Fit with @gunnarfitness this morning ???? Static squat on a bosu ball ?

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As for me, I’m one of Holiday Hypermarkets Inbound Marketing Assistants with a passion for all things health and fitness, especially ultra-running. I credit my figure to running regularly, HIIT classes, cycling and swimming and if this isn’t enough to exhaust my body, I also do home workouts that include weights, kettle bells and resistance training.

I’ve just started training once a week with a personal trainer to help me focus on my strengths and weaknesses and achieve my focused goals of completing four ultra-marathons this year. When it comes to training I’m focused and dedicated, I train around work and looking after my three children – so you can do it all, you just have to believe in yourself.

It’s not all about hard work though, I also love Pilates as this helps me stretch my body and relax my mind as I work on my breathing techniques. Healthy eating is another thing I’m an advocate of, after a tough workout out I crave a healthy protein berry smoothy. I also eat lots of green veg, lean meat and carbohydrates to fuel my body correctly.

I have a very sweet tooth so I do allow myself to have a treat once a week – after all, we deserve a little of what we fancy and a slice of gluten free cake sure does taste good.

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So, what are you waiting for?

Daily fitsperation – when life knocks you down, do a burpee.

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