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Celebrities with Holiday Related Names

Celebrities are no strangers to having weird names. They love to name their children out of the box things like North, Apple and Blanket, some of them even change their own names so that they have more pizazz, like Bono. But there are some celebrities out there whose normal everyday names can provide a laugh, even if their parents didn’t intend it that way.

We’re all about finding that ideal getaway spot here, so it’s only natural we’ve noticed a few similarities between celebrity names and all things associated with holidaying. It may be silly, but when you’re daydreaming about taking trips and tanning on long expanses of white shore all day, it’s easy to find comparisons, and we thought you might be interested too. Here are some of our favourite celebrities with holiday-related names.

Billie Holiday

This one’s a no-brainer. The iconic jazz singer’s talent was undeniable and her last name reminds us of the summer trips just waiting to be had. Her famous songs, I’ll Be Seeing You and Georgia On My Mind are great songs to listen to while relaxing on the beach with book in hand and the sound of waves crashing in the distance.

Billy Ocean

Another famous Billy, this R&B singer pulls at our heart strings and makes us want to take a long swim in the warm ocean. His songs talk about love and heartbreak, maybe not the best tunes to fire you up for a summer holiday, but his fantastic name makes up for it.

Paris Hilton

This blonde bombshell is the heiress to the billion dollar Hilton hotel chain. Her name reminds us of holidaying for two reasons – Paris is one of the best cultural hotspots to visit, and a week-long stay in a Hilton suite would be a dream come true, albeit a very expensive dream…

Tom Cruise

You’ll easily see the connection here. Probably one of the most famous celebrities around today, Tom Cruise’s career only continues to soar with his sixth instalment of the Mission Impossible series already in the works. But on a more holiday related note, who doesn’t want to go on a cruise? With the sea breeze in your hair, a cocktail in your hand, and endless delicious meals and fantastic entertainment at your fingertips, anytime is a good time for a holiday on a cruise ship.

Shirley Temple

Talking about cocktails, this curly-haired 1930’s actress inspired the fruity holiday drink that was named after her. Normally an alcohol-free drink, Shirley Temples are made with ginger ale, grenadine and a cherry on top, perfect on any little kiddos on holiday with you. Of course, if you want to have one for yourself you could always order a “dirty Shirley” which includes one very special ingredient, rum.

David Schwimmer

You may think we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel with this connection, but we just couldn’t resist. The Friends TV star just so happens to have a hilarious last name that reminds us of swimming in clear, turquoise waters and luxury resort pools. All of a sudden, we really fancy going for a dip!

Bear Grylls

It’s everyone’s favourite outdoor wilderness adventurist, but what does his name have to do with holidays? Well, for one thing you wouldn’t want to meet any real bears on your trip, but his last name Grylls is what we’re referencing. It brings to mind, and to our nostrils, the smell of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. Everyone loves a good barbeque in the summer, and especially one while on holiday.

Amy Tan

Any fiction lovers out there will know her name. Amy Tan is famous for her book turned film, The Joy Luck Club which focuses on Chinese immigrants living in San Francisco. This page turner makes for the ideal beach read, and Amy’s last name evokes images of soaking up the rays and perfecting that golden glow.

Flo Rida

This hip-hop legend is the mastermind behind the iconic party hits, Good Feeling and Whistle. These jams make for great pre-club music, where you can turn up the tunes in your hotel room and get psyched for the epic evening to come. It also hasn’t gone over our heads that Flo Rida put together just means Florida, which is a fantastic holiday hotspot! Universal Studios, anyone?

Sandie Shaw

Sandie Shaw’s no stranger to the UK, she was one of the most successful female British singer in the 1960’s. Her melodic name can’t help but remind us of sandy shores and holidays to exotic destinations.

The Beach Boys

Lastly, what better way to be reminded of the sun and surf than by the iconic 1960’s American band, The Beach Boys. California Girls, Surfing U.S.A. and Good Vibrations all make the perfect backdrop to your American holiday destination. Their upbeat songs and holiday related band name reminds us of all the fantastic destinations still to discover, and all the glorious beaches we could be relaxing on right now.

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