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La Tienda: Celebrate the Flavours of Spain

You don’t need to go to Valenica to experience the flavours of olive oil, jamón and paella cooked in traditional, carbon steel paelleras.

Spain’s history and cultural influence around the world means its dishes have been influenced by all kinds of countries and diets, and it’s also renowned for the health benefits of its Mediterranean base ingredients: fresh vegetables, unrefined cereals, legumes, olive oil and fruits.

Many people try their hand at Spanish cooking by spicing up stews with chorizo, making sweet turrón nougat at Christmastime or frying tortilla española for tasty potato breakfast. Do you have a Spanish-inspired dish of choice?

If you like Spanish cooking, have a look at La Tienda (“The Shop”), which started as a Spanish gourmet retailer in the 1990s, and which now has operations in San Sebastian and Alicante, as well as in Williamsburg, Virginia. They’ve recently launched an “educational website with a culinary spin”, and it’s packed with recipes, catalogues, gifts, newsletters and more.

We particularly love the “Heartbeat of Spain” post, which is a tribute to one of Spain’s most cherished traditions: drinking coffee!