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Which Celeb is Your Beach Style Icon?

We all want to look our best when hitting the beach in the summertime. And if you’re into fashion, you may be worrying about what to pack for those all-important days out in the sun. Whether you’re a bare it all bikini girl, or a sophisticated sarong goddess, there’s lots of options when it comes to choosing what to wear on the beach.

If you’re looking for some guidance, who better to take style advice from than some of the hottest trending celebrities? Don’t get blinded by their good looks and chiselled abs, anyone can look just as good as a celeb when hitting the sands this summer. It’s all about knowing what you feel comfortable in and what suits your figure. Have a look at our beach style icons and see who you can relate to the most. Who knows, you may find that perfect beach outfit you’ve been searching for.

Taylor Swift

If you love a good throwback and wearing classic 1950’s pinup attire, your style icon might just be country and pop singer Taylor Swift. This lady has got an athletic bod and likes to dress it in high-waisted polka-dot bikinis when she hits the beach. She’s all for stylish yet practical. You won’t see Taylor showing too much skin – instead she opts for cute and comfortable, ready to soak up the sun and have some fun.

Pamela Anderson

This list wouldn’t be complete without the queen of beach icons, Pamela Anderson. It takes a body confident lady to pull off this look today, but in the Bay Watch-era the high rise red bathing suit was all the rage. Pamela Anderson exudes confidence, and if she’s your beach style icon, you should too. You go girl!

Marilyn Monroe

When we think of beach fashion icons, one of the first celebrities that comes to mind has got to be Marilyn Monroe. This sultry beach babe loved to show off her curves in anything from a white, one piece swimsuit to a navy striped bikini. She may not have been showing much skin, but her energy and confidence means she didn’t have to. Marilyn Monroe was effortlessly gorgeous.

One of her classic beach snaps is her wrapped in a towel with a smile on her face – the perfect picture of a wild spirit enjoying the sand.

Jessica Alba

Maybe you want more to cover up with more than just a bikini this summer. There’s plenty of celebs that also like to layer with breezy sarongs and wraps – like Jessica Alba. This stunning actor is a great example of someone who likes to rock floaty cover-ups over swimwear.

Jessica has that boho chic style that so many of us take inspiration from. She’s been seen on the beach wearing a straw hat to keep the sun from her eyes, a light robe over a two piece swimsuit and several necklaces to finish of the ensemble. If you love creating an outfit and consider yourself to be bohemian, Jessica Alba is the style icon for you.

Halle Berry

When you think of Halle Berry on the beach, the classic scene of her rising out of the water wearing an orange bikini probably flashes before your eyes. Anyone who has seen the James Bond film Die Another Day would have to agree.

But in real life Halle Berry is another lady who likes to have a little bit extra on when she’s at the beach. Halle Berry’s style is carefree and laid-back – she’s often seen wearing a bikini with a sarong wrapped around her waist. If your go-to item on the beach is some kind of wrap, Halle Berry is your girl.

Keira Knightly

“She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikini…. Alright, Keira Knightly might not wear yellow polka-dot bikinis, but she does like to bare it all in swimsuits that are rather revealing. You’ve got to hand it to this stunning actor, she is extremely confident in herself and rocks the two piece look.

Do any of these celebrities match your own beach style or personality? Hopefully you’ve been inspired to mix it up and try out some new outfits and fashion ideas on your next beach holiday in the sun.