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Captivating Luxor…

I’m writing this because I just need to tell the world about what an incredible place Luxor is! I can’t stop showing people my holiday photos and telling them about the tombs and temples I went to. Standing amongst them it was unfathomable to imagine the years of history these structures have witnessed. Just thinking about it sent a shiver down my spine. The highlight of my week though had to be the Nile Cruise at sunset. It was so romantic and was the most spectacular sight I have ever witnessed. The Mummification Museum was absolutely fascinating. Definitely not something to miss!!

I think we chose the perfect time of year to travel as the weather was hot but not unbearable. I can imagine that in the summer months, the temperature soar to scorching heights, and would probably be too hot for many of us Brits to bother with all of the remarkable sight seeing on offer, which is a shame. Most people can’t understand why we chose Luxor over a beach resort such as Taba or Sharm el Sheikh but we enjoy being active and scuba diving is definitely not our thing. So all you people thinking of going to Egypt – think Luxor. You seriously won’t regret it!

Stephanie Menzies of Aldershot