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Can We Guess Which Canary Island You Should Be Visiting?

Santa Catalina beach

So you’ve booked your holiday and you’ve decided on the Canary Islands. But can we guess which Canary Island you should be visiting? Take our simple quiz now and find out.

If you got Tenerife

You love to hop between a rubber ring and a sun lounger. At night you like to party on Veronica’s Strip and by day you can be found at the nearest pool, or making a splash in Siam Park. You believe a holiday should be with your closest friend, which makes Tenerife the perfect Canary Island for you.

Sandy beach in Costa Adeje, Tenerife

If you got Gran Canaria

You love the sun so you’re at your happiest when lazing on a sun lounger by the beach or pool. Catching the best tan is what your holidays are all about, and as a shopaholic at heart Puerto Rico is your haven. Gran Canaria has plenty of waterparks and entertainment venues, so holidaying here will never be dull.

View over Puerto Rico's beach

If you got Fuerteventura

You’re a self-professed beach bum and nothing thrills you more that hitting the nearest seashore. The ocean is your favourite place, so with a huge choice of water sports available in Fuerteventura, it’s time to unleash your inner adrenaline junkie. Known as the windy island, Fuerteventura sees windsurfers from all around the globe coming to sample its waves.

Playa Esmeralda Beach, Fuerteventura

If you got Lanzarote

You just love those classic beach break holidays, and with a range of different beaches on offer in Lanzarote you need to try them all! You also love to spend time with the family, so with plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained, Lanzarote is a must. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bucket and spade and let’s go!

Holiday Apartments in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

If you got La Palma

You love those less-touristy spots, where you can see the more traditional side of Spain. A place you can spend hours just wandering through natural pine forests and seeing breathtaking views. La Palma has national parks and a volcano trail to keep even the most adventurous travellers entertained.

Santa Cruz view, La Palma

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