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Which Camera is Right For Your Style of Holiday Snaps?

From dusty old family albums to the connectivity we have today through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, one thing that’s always gone hand in hand with holidays is taking masses of photos. We appreciate you’re probably going to want to immortalise your adventures – the only question is, which camera should you use to do that?

Nowadays we’ve got more options than ever, from disposable fire and forget types through to advanced DLSR gadgets – and even your phone’s camera. Let’s break down the advantages behind each option, so you can decide what works best for you.

Get snap-happy with a disposable

It’s safe to say that the world’s moved on from the cameras we grew up with, with their clicky winding systems and all that waiting for film to be developed. Having said that, don’t disregard the old style of photo shooting just yet, because one thing old style film-based cameras are still used for today is – that’s right – holiday snaps.

Why? Well, for many of us, it’s because it’s the safer option. Clocking in at such a tiny price, disposable cameras won’t be a source of heartbreak if they’re broken or lost during your trip. The photo quality is also more decent than people give credit for, and there’s something satisfying about flipping through physical photos. Add that to the immediate ‘point and click’ style of shooting snaps, and what seems a niche and retro option can prove surprisingly contemporary.

Take a GoPro on your adventures

If your trip is likely to involve a great deal of biking, hiking, windsurfing and parasailing, you’re probably considering a GoPro, which for many is the go-to solution for chronicling a trip full of adrenaline and hijinks.

As always, make sure your travel or gadget insurance covers this premium bit of kit and keep it safe during your travels, but rest assured that the footage and photographs you’ll get will be worth it. To get the most dramatic angles, invest in some decent mounts, or even some filters. It’s amazing what you can do with such a little camera.

Go professional with a DSLR

They say that an optic zoom is always better than a digital zoom, and that’s never more true than with a DSLR camera – the kind that professionals use. These are high end pieces of kit that will cost a pretty penny, yet the range of capabilities they offer, from adjustable shutter speeds and focus options, together with stunning high resolution images, more than speaks for itself. They’re also notable for coping very well in low light conditions.

The issue here is that of space. As well as the camera, most DSLR aficionados favour tripods and other accessories, together with multiple lens varieties and spare battery packs. That’s going to have an impact on your packing, so if you’re taking a DSLR abroad, it has to be because photography is going to be a big part of your trip. But, just think, your holiday album will look nothing short of a professional portfolio.

Strike a happy medium with a ‘point and shoot’ digital camera

These are the handheld digital cameras you’re likely to be most familiar with, although advances in technology mean that, for many photography fans, their capabilities are almost on par with the sheer quality and adaptiveness of a DLSR camera. They’re also substantially more portable.

Digital cameras of this kind are pretty inexpensive, and capable of shooting high quality photos and videos that perfectly capture depth and colour. The only issue you might come across is when using them at night – even with the flash, many point and shoot cameras just can’t keep up with their big DLSR brothers.

Stick with your smartphone

The chances are you’ll want to take your phone on holiday, if only to keep up to date with things back home. While some people lean more towards phone use during their trips than others, the advances that have been made in smartphone camera capabilities makes them a pretty decent way of snapping your escapades. Similarly, there’s the almost inevitable tidal wave of social media posts that will surely follow.

One reason why smartphones are such a popular choice for photographers abroad, aside from instantly being able to upload the snaps you take, is due to the apps that let you add filters and effects, from artificial focus and tilt-shift tricks through to things like Prisma, which makes everything look like a painting. It’s up to you how far you go with this, but even if you’re bringing a DLSR or a GoPro, we’d be surprised if you didn’t take at least a couple of phone photos during your travels.

All in all, no matter which camera option you chose, just be sure to take lots of snaps so you can remember all the best bits of your holiday for years to come. Book a holiday and get snapping!





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