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Bucket List Adventures For Thrill Seekers

There are plenty of adventurous things to do while you’re on holiday, you can go jet skiing or try your hand at parasailing. But what if you’re a huge thrill-seeker and are looking for more of a challenge? Here’s the solution for you, take a look at some jaw-dropping experiences that the even the smallest of thrill-seekers can’t afford to miss.

Hang gliding and bungee jumping

You’ve heard of bungee jumping and hang gliding but have you heard of the slingshot? It’s the exact opposite of bungee jumping, you’re attached to a long cord and thrown up into the air. Sounds fun, right? Or you could just stick with traditional bungee jumping and hang gliding in Brazil.

Zorb rotura

Is hang gliding off mountains a step too far for you? Maybe you should step it down a notch and try something just as fun but on ground level. In New Zealand you can roll down hills in ginormous inflatable balls.  There are three types of ride you can do, Zorbit – without water, Zydro – with water and Zurf – with water and a body board. Take your pick and enjoy the thrill.

Diving at Devil’s Den

Do the other adrenaline-fuelled adventures have you feeling queasy? Perhaps you could try something relaxing yet still exhilarating. Take a trip to Florida and visit the Devil’s Den, this natural cave is a popular tourist attraction. Here you can swim, dive or snorkel while marvelling at the awe-inspiring beauty of the cave and its clear blue waters.

Cliff diving

Topping it all off is cliff diving in Hawaii! You can cliff jump all over the world. However, if you’re looking for little or bigger jumps Hawaii has a range of jump locations to choose from. Pick a destination, grab some friends and a swimsuit and spend the day flipping or diving into the warm waters surrounding the tropical island.


Not fancying an adventure in the sun? Then head to Iceland and go snowmobiling! Iceland is home to snow and ice covered plains which are perfect for snowmobiling. Spend your day travelling over huge expanses of snow and ice, trying some tricks here and there. Don’t worry about falling, the snow will catch you and make your landing soft. Check it out below.

So, whether you’re a hard-core adventurer or someone who wants to step out of their comfort zone, there’s lots of amazing experiences for you all over the globe! Let us know what adventures you’d like to try in the comments below.