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Brits Expect The Perfect Holiday

A recent survey has revealed that British holidaymakers are becoming much pickier about what they want from their holidays. They appear to have very clear expectations as to how everything should be from the weather to hotel transfer times, and they are much more particular about getting what they want.

Sun, Sea And Sand Are Top Of Many Peoples Holiday Wish List

As expected sun, sea and sand are all top of the wish list; however the list of necessities doesn’t stop there, as the results from a survey conducted by Beat the Brochure reveal.

The study of 2,000 British holidaymakers show that most people would prefer a two week break and the ideal destination would be somewhere in Europe. Respondents were quite particular and even stated that the perfect temperature would be 27° and that they wanted to enjoy a minimum of 9 hours of sunshine a day.

Transfer times from the airport to their chosen hotel had to be no more than 22 minutes on average, and whilst on their 2 week holiday the average days spent sunbathing would be 4, there should also be 4 days out of the 2 weeks spent sight seeing in the local area and ideally at least 2 days of their perfect holidays would be spent shopping.

Daniel Ox of Beat the Brochure commented that the research proved that holidaymakers had some quite specific preferences for their holidays and stated that it also proved that holidays to European destinations were still top of many people’s lists.