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Britons Show Their Appreciation for Virgin’s ‘Customer Experience’

Looking for cheap holidays in the USA, it is surely the aim of every holidaymaker to find a transatlantic flight that combines low prices with a degree of long-haul comfort. For some that can be found with Air India, which offers cheap flights to the USA and offers in-flight curries which various friends and family members have cited as giving this carrier a distinct advantage over the competition.

When it comes to home-grown airlines, Virgin Atlantic is widely praised by British travellers, including myself. The combination of great value fares and excellent facilities – even in economy – has impressed millions over the years, and a six-hour flight to New York often just flies by, if you’ll pardon the pun, thanks to the wide choice of multimedia entertainment, kids’ activity packs and free drinks to steady the nerves.

All this paid off recently when Sir Richard Branson’s airline was voted best travel firm for customer experience in a British consumers’ brands survey compiled by customer research analyst Nunwood.

As well as being voted top travel brand, Virgin Atlantic also came in third overall, with only online retailer Amazon and department store John Lewis being reckoned to have a better customer experience. Among airlines, only Arab carrier Emirates came close for comfort, achieving a customer satisfaction score of 7.72 compared to Virgin’s 7.78.

It’s good to see UK travellers showing their satisfaction with airlines – especially an airline such as Virgin which does offer great value. All too often the “customer experience” of a plane flight can lead to a litany of complaints about charges, delays or the quality of the food.

It is important to remember what a great part of our everyday lives cheap holidays are, for our physical and mental well-being, and the existence of low-fares airlines such as Virgin Atlantic are a very important part of this.