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British Travellers Make Secure Accommodation a Top Priority

There are many articles on the subject of what British travellers look for on their cheap holidays, with most concerning themselves about such factors as value for money, sunshine, the quality of the beaches or the attractions available. The latest research to be published, by the UK travel association ABTA has revealed a somewhat surprising number one priority – finding safe and secure accommodation.

When booking cheap holidays in the UK or overseas, some 86 per cent of travellers questioned said that they regarded safe accommodation as either essential or important. Financial security was also a big issue, with 79 per cent of those surveyed making this a key priority. ABTA membership was seen as a major factor in finding this peace of mind by 73 per cent of respondents.

Some 67 per cent said that having knowledgeable staff was important to their holidays, while 63 per cent sought accessible local transport links and 55 per cent prioritising a convenient location.

Despite the British public’s ever-increasing skills at finding cheap holidays online, low prices was only in tenth place, after just 53 per cent cited it as essential or very important.

Given the uncertain economic times we live in, perhaps it’s easy to understand why security – both personal and financial – is being sought after by UK holidaymakers, although why this does not dovetail with an equal priority being given to low prices is harder to explain.

ABTA chief executive Mark Tanzer pointed this out when he noted that “even in a year when customers are tightening their belts, the lowest cost is not their number one consideration.”

“The message from our customers is loud and clear: financial protection is a top consideration when booking their holidays,” he declared, stressing that the Department for Transport should bear these results in mind when drafting its reforms to the Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing scheme.