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British Airways Attempts Mission Impossible With Heston Blumenthal…

Top celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal attempts the challenge of making airline food taste good in his forthcoming Channel 4 series ‘Heston’s Mission Impossible’.

Mission Impossible?

He teams up with British Airways in what the airline themselves confess is a ‘mission impossible’ to try and make food taste good at 35,000 feet.

It is not clear why airline food takes such a hammering. Perhaps it’s the shrink wrap plastic trays, the cabin pressure or maybe even the altitude, but one thing is certain, Heston is determined to make it taste as good in the air as it does on ground level.

The award winning chef has worked closely with Steve Walpole from the airline’s catering supplier; Gate Gourmet in an effort to create the perfect dish. He has also enlisted the help of British Airways cabin crew members Simon Curley and Jackie Simister in the behind-the-scenes documentary.

Heston is somewhat of a scientist when it comes to food and is certainly not shy when experimenting with different cooking techniques.

Heston Blumenthal

In a previous series called ‘Heston’s Feasts’, the top chef has investigated recipes from the past and tried to add a modern twist to them. He has recreated Henry VIII’s Feast of Beasts, the Roman’s Caligula and even added a modern angle to Alice in Wonderlands famous tea party. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella and Snow White have also inspired some of his most famous menus and dry ice, pyrotechnics and exploding volcanoes have all been used to great effect in dishes inspired by Dracula, Frankenstein, and the infamous Jekyll and Hyde.

During the ‘Mission Impossible’ series, Heston also tackle’s the uninspiring menus at Alder Hey’s Children’s Hospital with a ‘bet you can’t eat this’ menu featuring snot snakes and worm pizza.

He then visits Cineworld where he is determined to fill film lovers with movie inspired food rather than the rather obvious popcorn, and his last trip is to the depths of the ocean on a Royal Navy submarine where he tries to inject some excitement into the stodgy menu sailors’ face for weeks at a time.