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Is Brexit making Brits more adventurous?

Is Brexit making Brits more adventurous?

Just 12 months on from the referendum, we’ve carried out a poll of 2,000 Brits and collated our own data to see how holiday habits have changed pre and post the vote. We all know Brexit had an immediate impact on the UK, but now that we’ve had time for the dust to settle, what can the data on British holidaymakers tell us?

The big take-away from the results is that Brits are getting more adventurous with their holiday destinations, with data showing that the number of people searching for and booking long haul holidays has gone up significantly. Here are just a few of the considerations and findings from the new data.

Money, money, money…

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I’m sure most of us would agree that money is one of the big considerations for our holiday time. So it’s not surprising that with the pound weak versus the Euro, 54% of Brits are now looking at long haul trips rather than their usual EU holiday destinations.

Southeast Asia is known for being a backpackers paradise, but with more package holidays on offer, more and more budget-conscious holiday-goers are looking to head there – with Thai beach resort Phuket seeing a massive 850% increase in enquiries in the last year. Are the Brits that once populated Europe’s beaches moving onto more exotic and cheaper locales? It certainly seems that way, and with travel becoming easier and overall less strenuous, we’re likely to see areas like Asia increase the amount of package holidays available.

Once the domain of backpackers and hostel-dwellers, Goa is another destination that is starting to get the attention of people in search of a plush hotel setting, with some resorts seeing up to 900% more enquiries in the last year than in the 12 months before the EU referendum.

You don’t even have to go that far!

Taking a look at other countries we definitely start to see a trend; bookings for package holidays in Aruba are up by 36%, Costa Rica 69% and Cuba 83%. It’s interesting to see that rather than holidaying at home as many predicted, Brits are now looking at new global locations for their summer getaway instead. Other options picking up in popularity are mid-haul trips to places such as Cape Verde, which has seen a booking increase of 45%, and Morocco, where bookings are up 35% since the referendum. Journeys to sun-soaked places like these aren’t that much longer than a flight to Spain and are cheaper and easier than the alternative of long-haul flights.

Sometimes you just fancy a change.

Exploring new traditions, food and cities is a great experience, and although countries in Europe do have their differences, many holidaymakers are starting to crave the unknown of walking through a busy capital city in Asia, or experiencing the timeless laid-back vibes of the Caribbean. We all know it’s easy to stick to the tried and tested formula, but sometimes it’s good to get out there and try something a little different! European package holidays (particularly all-inclusive breaks) will always be a mainstay of British summer culture, but the trend of Brits holidaying in non-EU destinations is certainly set to keep climbing.

The top five trending destinations for adventurous Brits

  1. Thailand
  2. Goa
  3. Cuba
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Cape Verde

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