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Are You Brave Enough To Visit The Scariest Places In The World?

There is nothing I like more than a good ghost story. The stories that often trend on my social feeds are ones that go something like this “ghostly woman featured in the background of a family photo at pub”. They trend because people are curious as to whether or not these sightings are real or fake. I then begin thinking of something I have always been curious about doing, but if I am honest, have never been brave enough to do, and that is to spend a night (not on my own, I have to add) in a haunted house or something similar.

Living in the UK we have no shortage of haunted buildings due to our vast history which has often been quite turbulent.

However, the UK isn’t the only country with scary locations. So, here is an insight into the ghostly adventures you can encounter on your next holiday.

But are you brave enough? If so,take a scare-tastic trip at one of these haunted destinations.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Poveglia Island – Italy

Where – A small island located between Venice and Lido in Northern Italy.

History – This plot of land was both a mass burial ground and a place where people with infectious diseases were quarantined. Also, in the 1920’s it was turned into a psychiatric asylum.

Scary Fact – Poveglia Island is known as the most haunted island in the world.

As the story goes people were burned and buried here during the black plague.

There are reports of mysterious bangs and ghostly sightings of plague victims. Some say an evil doctor, who worked at the asylum fell to his death from the bell tower, he survived the fall but was strangled by a ghost mist. His ghost allegedly pushes people and moves objects.

Most locals will not step foot on this island, and earlier last year the Italian Government put Poveglia up for sale. Would you buy it?

Convent of Saint Agnes – Czech Republic

Where – Prague

History – Founded in 1231, by Princess Agnes, the sister of King Wenceslas I.

A daughter of a wealthy nobleman fell in love with a poor knight, her father refused to give his consent for his daughter to marry the knight and instead sent her to live at the convent.

Scary Fact – The night before she was due to go to the convent she tried to meet with the knight and instead met with her father who in a rage stabbed her.

The would-be-nun is said to still live in the convent to this day in spirit form, and is referred to as the ghost of the murdered nun, as her father put a curse on her that she will never rest in peace.

So if you are walking near the convent at night time look out for her, be warned she is quite moody. It is said she is either seen covered in blood and crying or sometimes she is seen smiling at unhappy couples.

However, you are not to be scared of her, as one story reports that she visited a girl who wanted to poison herself because of a broken heart, and the ghost grabbed the poison out of the girl’s hands and replaced it with a bag of coins.

The Island Of The Dolls – Mexico

Where – Xochimico (Near Mexico City)

History – This Island once belonged to a local farmer. In 1950 he saw a little girl drown close by to the farm and her spirit is now said to haunt the island.

Scary Bit – ‘Isla de las Munecas’ – as it is known in Spanish was discovered in the 1990’s. The farmer whose name was Julian Santana Barrera, collected the old broken bodies of dolls from canals and rubbish sites and then began hanging them from trees this was an attempt to warn off evil spirits. Over the years the dolls have become mutilated, looking like something from a horror film. The farmer died in 2001 but his cousin looks after the place which is fast becoming a tourist attraction.

Chase Vault – Barbados

Where – Oistins, Christchurch

History – Chase Vault is a burial vault in the cemetery of the Christ Church Parish Church. It is the burial vault of a wealthy family called Chase who bought the land in the early 1800’s to bury their relatives.

Scary Fact – I don’t know what it is but tombs always make me feel a little uneasy. And this tomb is no exception as the inhabitants are certainly not resting. Colonel Thomas Chase was known for being extremely cruel to his slaves.

The first person buried in the vault was Mrs Thomasina Goddard, who was buried in a wooden coffin. Once Mrs Goddard had been laid to rest the Chase family bought the vault to secure their own resting place when their time came.

Sisters, Mary Ann Chase, who was only 2 years old and Dorcas Chase, who starved herself to death due to her father’s cruelty were also buried in the vault. At the time of his death Thomas was said to be the most hated man in Barbados and was also laid to rest here.

When Thomas’ body was added to the vault they noticed that Mary’s coffin had moved and was standing on its head at the corner of the tomb. Four years later, a relative named Charles Brewster Ames, who was 11 years old, was added to the tomb. Once again they found all the coffins had been moved, with the exception of Mrs Goddard’s.

The spooky goings-on were investigated but there was no evidence the tomb had been tampered with and there had been no earthquakes recorded in Barbados. The mystery of the moving coffins continued every time there was a burial. This drew in large crowds, who waited to see what would happen.

The stories are known as The Moving Coffins of Barbados.

Riddle House – USA

Where – Palm Beach County, Florida

History – Built in 1905 at 327 Acacia Street in West Palm Beach County. As an original funeral parlour, the houses inhabitants were employed as security for the nearby cemetery, which was often visited by grave robbers.

In the 1920’s it was privately owned by a man named Karl Riddle, which is how the house got its name.

In the 1980’s the house was moved and it seems the ghosts moved with it.

Scary Fact – A worker who was known as Buck, had an argument with a member of the community which resulted in his tragic death. After Bucks death, there were countless reports of ghostly sightings which described him going about his duties in the afterlife as he would have done in his physical life.

After Karl Riddle moved into the house, the ghostly activities increased and a worker called Joseph, who had a lot of financial worries, hung himself in the attic. The Riddle family and employees began hearing distant conversations, knocking and the sound of clanging chains. This caused the employees to leave while the Riddle family also escaped the house. Other businesses tried to move here and, they too were forced to flee. Palm Beach Atlantic College tried using it as a female dormitory, but they also couldn’t cope with the paranormal activities.

After this no one was willing to occupy the house so it stayed empty for a number of years. The council made plans to destroy it until Karl’s nephew John intervened.  The city donated the house to him and he moved it to Yesteryear Village. Some say this activity awakened the spirits and ghosts again.

Visitors to the house have reported many ghostly apparitions along with hair pulling, strange voices and objects being thrown. A carpenter, working at the house, said a lid from an iron pot was thrown at her.

The Riddle House is known as the most haunted place in Florida.

Ghost Road – Morocco

Where – A road that leads into the countryside in El Kelaa De Sraghna just outside of Marrakech

History –The reports of ghostly encounters are enough to make the hairs stand on the back of one’s neck every time you drive down it. Most of the residents of this area and visitors will tell stories of how they are too scared to go down this road after dusk as lots of supernatural goings-on have happened along here. The road leads from the village to an ancient burial ground. Most of the apparitions are seen around this cemetery.

Scary Fact – A family was driving up this road to visit relatives and came across a man with a dog, but as they got closer he vanished. When they mentioned this to their relatives they were told that this wasn’t the first time a man and his dog had been seen here.

There are many reports of a bride being seen at the cemetery.

One man was out hunting and had set some traps up to catch rabbits. He would often go late at night and sit somewhere near by waiting for the sound of the trap. One night he caught a glimpse of a floating lady and she was shouting over to her children. She was shouting to them to be careful as there was a man from the other side who was setting traps to catch them all. She quickly disappeared from sight.

Other reports include cars being made to stop by the apparition of a little girl and boy of European appearance. As the car slows down the boy and girl climb on the roof of the car but they stay on top of the roof banging with their feet even as the car speeds up. There are also reports of the sound of galloping horses .

However, all ghostly encounters stop as the road ends.

There are so many places to list that have ghost stories. Fact or fiction they draw you in and leave you questioning if there is some truth in them. Would you visit any of these places for the sole purpose of ghost hunting? Have you experienced any ghosts yourselves?