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Branson Losing Wager Is A Drag

Richard Branson Appears To Like Getting Dressed Up

After losing a bet with a rival airline boss, Sir Richard Branson will find himself working as an air stewardess on an AirAsia flight.

The wager was made prior to the start of the 2010 Formula One season, with both Branson and AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes owning teams. Fernandes owns the Lotus team and it was agreed that the owner of whichever team finished lowest in the constructors championship would serve as a flight attendant on the other ones airline. Both teams actually finished the season on zero points but Lotus ranked higher thanks to better race finishing positions.

The one way flight will operate between London and Kuala Lumpur on May 1st and all proceeds from ticket sales will go to charities nominated by AirAsia and Virgin airlines.

Branson has agreed to dress in drag as a female flight attendant, complete with heeled shoes and make up after losing the bet with his Virgin Racing team.

The pleasure of being served by the multi millionaire does not come cheap however, with one way seats starting at a mere £4,500!

It is not the first time the bearded entrepreneur has dressed as a woman to help promote his airline, In February 2009, to promote Virgin Americas new service from Boston to San Francisco Branson dressed as Wonder Woman. Branson is no stranger to fancy dress in general having run the 2010 London Marathon dressed as a butterfly and posed as a refuse collector in a 2009 advert to promote his West Coast rail services.