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Bikini Ban In Barcelona

Tourists caught wandering through the streets of Barcelona in just their swim wear, or even less, could face stiff fines under new regulations.

Signs Requesting People Cover Up On The Streets Of Barcelona

The city hall has voted to ban ‘nudity or virtual nudity’ in all public places except swimming pools, beaches, beach walkways and adjacent roads.

Tourists could face fines of between 120 and 300 euros with nudists who stray from designated areas looking at charges of between 300 and 500 euros.

Authorities in the city had already put up posters advising against wearing swimwear in public with pictures of a couple wearing swimming costumes crossed out with a red line and a couple in ‘normal’ attire without the line.

Jacit Ribas I Deix, head of the association for the defence of nudity was outraged at the new legislation stating “It’s a ban that goes beyond laws that decriminalised nudity 22 years ago.”

However other local residents and business operators in the area welcomed the decision. Ice-cream salesman Egidio Pagliotta believes that permissiveness in the city is on the increase and the move should help stem this.

Indian shirt seller Rajich Monarni also welcomed the move, perhaps thinking more people would need to buy his shirts in order to cover up, stating “They were more and more of them in the streets. I approve of the fact they can now be booked.”

Barcelona welcomes millions of foreign visitors every year and authorities are hoping the new regulation will help the smooth co-existence of locals and tourists in public areas and have denied that they are simply ‘telling people how to dress’.