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The Best Travel Apps Revealed – Updated for 2017

Are you even on holiday if you’re not snapping away photos from the moment you leave the house to the minute you return? It’s not half as fun if your entire friends list on Facebook doesn’t know how blue the the water is, how tasty the food looks or how much that infamous ‘hot dog legs’ pose shows off your tan.

We know, it’s not all about keeping people updated, trusty Google maps have gotten us through some tough times – sometimes it’s hard to find the nearest beach bar.

And if you’re not browsing Trip Advisor making sure the reviews are as good as the real thing – while sipping cocktails next to your huge pool of course – can you really consider yourself an avid holidaymaker?

We know exactly what your smart phone device means to you, that’s why we have the ultimate list of essential travel apps ready and waiting to make your holiday a breeze. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve even included a few video guides!

Pack Point

If you’re super organised, this is the app for you. Pack Point is the ultimate checklist, ensuring you don’t forget a thing. Based on your destination, activities, weather and length of travel, this helpful app will collate a list of everything you need to pack.

Checking the forecast for you, if the nights are on the chilly side or there’s a possibility of showers, you won’t have that ‘I wish I had brought’ feeling ever again.

If you head on a hike or plan on snorkelling through the dreamy Caribbean Sea, Pack Point will add items to your list you wouldn’t even think of needing. It even connects to other travel apps, such as TripIt and to top it all off, it’s completely free to use.


Wondering what exactly TripIt is? Useful for many things, TripIt allows you to keep all your travel documents under one handy app. Organising all your travel plans into one helpful itinerary by syncing itself with your emails and calendar, all your booking confirmations, tickets, etc are in the same place.

It couldn’t be easier, you handle the booking and the app will take care of the rest.  Your new best friend will automatically coordinate your trip, and even share it with fellow holidaymakers.

You can use it free of charge and even when you’re offline. As an added peace of mind, you won’t need to worry about those pesky roaming charges or trying to find Wi-Fi.

Google Translate

It’s always a great idea to learn a few phrases before you head to your destination, but just in case you can’t understand a menu or what someone has said to you.

That’s where Google Translate comes in, allowing you to translate 103 languages just by typing, you’ll be fluent before you know it. You can even use your camera to take a picture of the text and Google will instantly translate it for you. We know, it’s a game changer, especially considering you still have access to a whopping 59 languages offline.

Spoken translations can also be made, as well as saving all your phrases to your device of choice. More than 500 million people use Google Translate every month, with a numbers like that, it’s safe to say you’re in expert hands.


Nominated for the Best App of 2017 by Google Play Awards, Citymapper will come to your rescue when tackling the city life. Finding you the best route to your desired destination, this useful app will have you at the nearest bar in minutes.

Locate ancient Dubrovnik landmarks or checking out famous Italian sights is easy peasy with real time data. You’ll never miss the bus or train again with live times and there’s even an alarm to ensure you get off at the right stop.

Discover new routes you didn’t know existed, beat rush-hour crowds and move around the city like a pro!

Google Maps

And if Citymapper didn’t do it for you, Google Maps will. Trust us, you won’t get lost again with this reliable app.

Taking you to your destination via the quickest route for walking, driving or cycling, you don’t even need the address for most destinations. Just simply pop in the name of the place you want to go to, whether it be a beach bar or your hotel, and Google will figure out the best route.

Google Maps will talk you through your route, provide you with a travel time and even street views for those hard-to-recognise places! And if faster route becomes available, your app will update you.

You can even connect Google Maps to OpenTable, allowing you to make reservations for your favourite restaurant through maps.


Nowadays most smart phones come with built-in weather apps, but with AccuWeather, you can prepare for all forecasts up to 15 days ahead. You can also wake up to a summary of what to expect from your day.

The award winning app features minute by minute forecasts, telling you how long the sun will shine by pinpointing your location using GPS. You can use AccUcast™ to share your weather observations and check out the conditions from other users across the world.

XE Currency

We’re all guilty of indulging in a meal or doing a spot of souvenir shopping, and you’ll be happy to know you’re not alone when you’re stuck trying to figure out just how much you’ve spent in pounds.

That’s where the XE Currency app comes in handy, providing you with live currency conversions on-the-go.

Of course, it’s also the go-to app for those who are looking to change their money before, during or after your holiday. You can see if the travel rate you’re getting is a good one, and if the rates change you’ll be notified, all for free.

You can also check if buying a pint in Tenerife costs you more now than it did in 2010 with their handy historical charts – everyone loves a bargain.

Trip Advisor

We know almost everyone knows how helpful Trip Advisor can be, you can hear from previous holidaymakers and expert opinions on hotels, restaurants and activities all over the world. Discover photos, videos, reviews and find out where they rank out of the entire area.

But, the app in particular has some nifty features designed to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Explore restaurants by food types and price range, as well as using the trusty ‘near me now’ tool for all options around you. Compare your experience to others and if your hotel or restaurant set the bench mark for others, write your own review.

Find out how far the beach is or what entertainment your hotel provides with the forum dedicated to travel questions. It’s your guide to the need-to-knows of your destination, all at the tap of a button.

BBC iPlayer

Lounging round the poolside, flying high in the sky or right before bed, the BBC iPlayer is the perfect travel companion.

Download all your favourite TV shows, watch them live, or catch up with any show from the past 30 days. The kids will be in their element with Cbeebies and CBBC at their disposal, it’s the ultimate app for watching things on the go, and better yet, it’s completely free.

Now you have the inside scoop on all the best travel apps for iPhone and Android, the next step is finding the perfect holiday to try them out – we have destinations you can’t refuse!