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Best Places to Travel to in 2018

You know what they say… new year, new you. And with travel proving so good for the soul, it’s no wonder so many of us step into a fresh calendar keen to see where our next holiday is taking us.

For many of us, 2018 provides the opportunity to revisit some of our all-time favourite holiday escapes, or venture somewhere you’ve never explored.

The great news is, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a few recommendations based on affordability, unique experiences and that all important sunshine. These are holiday destinations with year-round appeal, so whatever part of 2018 best suits your travel plans, these destinations are going to be a superb fit.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is making waves for plenty of holidaymakers, and many smart travellers say this could be the last year to experience the island cluster before it really takes off.

A visitor heading Cape Verde’s way in 2018 can expect oodles of variety, because it’s made up of 10 islands bunched together in a secluded spot in the Atlantic. Sleepy Sal and its quiet towns are a superb contrast with watersports opportunities at the beaches, while Boa Vista boasts both springtime whale watching and inner city music festivals awash with sound and colour.


While its beaches draw the crowds, Morocco’s exotic mystique is often what entices holidaymakers. The great part is that it’s only a short jaunt over the Med to reach this mysterious realm of sunshine, with Agadir offering brilliant beaches backed by fine dining and the chance to explore the fringes of the Sahara.

And of course, Marrakech needs little introduction as the city break of choice for your 2018, not just for its vibrant modern nightlife and shopping in the Gueliz district, but also its 1,000 years of history in the Medina quarter.


Far more than spicy meals and Latin rhythms, Mexico has become a real go-to destination nowadays. Tourism is expected to grow even more here in 2018, and that means more great hotels, more superb exploration of Aztec and Mayan ruins, and plenty of sunshine for us all.

Playacar offers a more secluded, intimate and relaxing holiday experience than the nonetheless vibrant Cancun, but there’s also the hidden gem of the Pacific side of Mexico to consider.

That’s Puerto Vallerta, which has modern resorts and hotels, but also lots of classic art and architecture, together with shopping that mixes fashion and food brilliantly.


This is a British holiday mainstay for a good reason, and in 2018 it’s well worth a revisit. Tenerife is such a mixture of great experiences that it’s well worth coming back, and definitely seeing if you’ve never been.

While Playa de Las Americanas offers the parties, nightclubs and packed beach days you know the island for, 2018 could also be the year you take a walk on the more serene side.

Consider El Medano‘s mix of wine sipping and coffee shops, together with shopping and tranquil beaches, as a cool alternative. You can also indulge your love of the fairways at Golf del Sur.


With so many sunny islands, from postcard perfect Santorini to the party capital that is Zante, everyone knows why Greece is so popular. But here’s an insider tip from us to you, and that’s to give Halkidiki a try this year. Looking at it on the map, it’s like three prongs poking out of the Greek mainland, but it’s a place where holidaying is really taking off.

New hotels are popping up all the time, and the beaches promise all the sunshine of their island brothers and sisters with less of the crowds. The advice is to act fast though, before Halkidiki really hits the headlines, for the sun, fun and relaxation it promises.


The mashup of medieval towers and modern nightclubs makes Croatia a dark horse well worth backing for 2018 holidays. The beaches alone rival anything the wider Mediterranean can offer, with pristine blue water and inviting pale sand. And while bustling Dubrovnik is the most well-known city break in Croatia, make 2018 the year you make a pit-stop at Brela.

It’s a sumptuous secret boasting beautiful beaches framed by pale cliffs with forests and little houses trickling down them, and you can kayak the coastline or set out on a boat to explore nearby natural wonders like Kolocep Island.

With so many holiday destinations begging to be explored in 2018, the horizons have never felt more inviting.