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The Best All Inclusive Hotels for Food in Mexico

If you’re going on a holiday to Mexico, you’ve got plenty to look forward to. Big blue skies swathed in sunshine, broad pale beaches framed by crystal clear water, and of course, fantastic flavours all await you here.

Yet there’s lots more to food and drink in Mexico than hot spices and cool Mojitos. You’ll find that some of the country’s top resorts boast a flair for the culinary arts far beyond just local flavours, although there’s plenty of authenticity too.

Here are a few of our recommended resorts when you want an All Inclusive Mexican break with restaurant menus that may well surprise you, why not check out our all inclusive page for all inclusive holiday deals.

Royal Decameron Complex, Nuevo Vallarta

This sprawling beach resort is awash with colourful buildings dotted around five pools, but there are also eight restaurants here.

Simpler buffet and a la carte options keep the Mexican flavours coming, but the claim to fame that sets Royal Decameron Complex apart is its Brazilian grill.

Massive steaks try to steal the show, but are upstaged by briskly sizzled meat skewers.

These rods of metal are as long as swords, and densely packed with skewered beef, pork and chicken grilled to perfection.

Azul Beach Resort by Karisma, Riviera Maya

If freshly grilled seafood or candlelit dinners by the beach are your scene, you’ll love this affordably luxurious place.

Yet what truly makes it stand out, aside from its tequila bar and popcorn delivered fresh to your room on movie nights, is Arezzo.

This Italian restaurant is as true to its inspiration as any you’ll find in its homeland, with big portions prepared in an open kitchen, that lets you watch the chefs prepare in style, from woodfired pizzas to risottos and pastas.

Be sure to check out the wine list too. This hotel’s cellar houses over 100 labels at any one time, including some authentic Italian classics.

Crown Paradise Club, Cancun

This massive resort sprawls across the coast of Cancun majestically, but its restaurants give it some beautiful diversity.

Another Italian offering, together with an all-American steakhouse and fresh seafood elsewhere, make for fantastic choices.

However, for a romantic retreat, look no further than the French restaurant. It’s adults-only, offering wondrous views of the bay coupled with champagne delicacies and desserts to die for.

If all that gives you a craving for the taste of home, step over to the Trafalgar Bar, themed after old London Town, for a game of pool and a cheeky pint.

Riu Tequila, Playacar

Palm trees and a tropical feel make Riu Tequila an exotic place to play, yet among its restaurants that feeling’s made bigger and tastier at Bamboo. That’s the Asian restaurant where you can help yourself to servings of chow mein, fried rice and Thai curry, as well as sushi so succulent it’s sure to welcome sake to wash it all down.

The surroundings have an authentic feel, so you might forget you’re in Playacar altogether, but luckily just a step outside onto the beach reminds you with waves and blue skies galore.

There are so many resorts and restaurants to choose from on an All Inclusive Mexico holiday. If you’ve any of your own recommendations, let us know in the comments.