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The Best Hiking Boots for Your Active Holiday  

The experienced hiker knows that the most important thing in a hiking boot is protecting foot health, followed closely by the ability to take a beating. A busted shoe can slow you down as much as an injury, so it’s important to choose the best boot for the expedition that you are planning, whether that’s a laid-back family walking holiday, seeking adventure on a gorge, or discovering new trails in Mexico.

Below are some boots that will give you the freedom to walk wherever you want, for however long you want, keeping in mind traction, stability, a light weight, and durability. Here are four of the best boots around:

Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX

RRP: £110

The breeze 2.0 GTX is an updated version of Vasque’s number one hiking boot, a mid-weight boot which is even tougher and more breathable than previous versions. If you’re looking for a boot that will help you reach the top, then look no further, because these beauties include a combination of dual density EVA to provide cushioning and protection from the elements, with a moulded TPU plate midsole for extra grip.

The original of this boot was released in 2004, shaking up the hiking world. Today, the brand continues to release the latest in high-tech materials and know-how.

Asolo Power Matic 200

RRP: £175

These boots look like they belong on Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, and they’re for the heavy hiker who wants to plough through snow, rivers and other difficult terrains. It has 2.8mm full-grain water resistant leather, and for this reason it is a bit on the heavy side. However, pound for pound it is simply the most durable boot out there. If you invest in a pair of Power Matics, then they will more than likely follow you on a lifetime’s worth of travel.

Like a loyal dog, the Matric needs some training. They take some time to wear in, so be prepared for some initial discomfort. Once worn, they will give you a life-time of guaranteed backpacking and adventure loyalty.

Vasques St. Elias

RRP: £120

Built with weight in mind, these boots’ Vibram rubber soles make them as light as possible, while also being very stable. One feature that most travellers rave about is the great ankle collar, which provides excellent support when carrying the extra weight of a backpack. They are very comfortable and offer great traction.

The St. Elias is made for the mid-weight hiker, for someone who wants to experience different climates, terrains and temperatures. A brilliant all-rounder at a good mid-range price.

Keen Targhee II

RRP: £115

You can’t get better value for money. Not as versatile as the St. Elias, but cheaper and just as durable for rugged terrains, the Targhee is great for mountaineering or trekking along flat land. Famous for its super tough toe lips which weather the test of time.

Keen really have put together another fabulous boot; you’ll fall in love with the comfort and the fact that it’s lightweight.

What are your recommendations for hiking boots that won’t break the bank—or your feet? Leave your ideas in the comments below!