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Benidorm Terra Mitica, biggest theme park on the Costa del Sol

If your idea of a trip to Spain is sun, sea and rollercoasters then Benidorm may be just the place for you. The popular resort not only boasts fabulous beaches and wicked nightlife, it also has the area’s largest theme park – Benidorm Terra Mitica. With loads of rides, plus the bonus of entertainment shows, the park is a great day out for holidaymakers in Benidorm.

Situated just outside the main resort area, Terra Mitica (which means “mythical land” in Spanish) is easily reached from Benidorm town and you can often find agents selling cut-price tickets including transport in the market or two-for-one deals online before you go. The park also sells family tickets and tickets that allow you to visit on more than one day so make sure you get the best option for you.

The park itself is split into five themed “zones”: Greece, Egypt, Rome and The Islands. In Greece, strap yourself into the 60-mph Titanide rollercoaster or grab a seat on the Synkope, a giant swinging disc rotating at 90km/h that takes you 35m into the air at 120 degrees. It has to be experienced to be believed!

Next you might want to head over to Egypt to cool down in the Falls of the Nile. Bring your swimming costume for this one as you’re going to get wet! Travelling in a golden sarcophagus, you’ll experience two drops into water: one of 20m and one of just 10m – the catch on the latter one is that you’ll do it backwards!

If you still need a thrill after that, The Islands boasts a giant swinging pendulum called The Anger of Achilles – and boy, is he angry. So angry in fact that he’ll swing you out at high speed to an angle of 120 degrees. Not one to do straight after lunch unless you really want to taste it again!

The Magnus Colossus in Rome is a fast wooden rollercoaster that will propel you round at 100km/h as it loops and bends. Look out for the 35m drop and forces of 2G. Also in Rome, Inferno will spin you up, down and all around as it races round at 60km/h with you helplessly dangling from it. Meanwhile The Flight of the Phoenix is a straight-forward enough proposition – a 54m free-fall in less than three seconds. Feel the G forces pushing you out of your seat!

There is more to the park that just the high-octane rides however. There are attractions more suited to younger sensibilities, such as slower rollercoasters and more traditional fairground rides, and the park also offers a full programme of events. These include puppet shows and dance shows, some of which are even educational so you can cram in some culture on your holiday to Benidorm too!

If you do spend the whole day there, which is very possible, there are plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you fed and watered between episodes of white-knuckle terror.

The park is open from 10.30am every day and from mid-July to early September it stays open till midnight, although the rides stop at 10pm. If Terra Mitica is definitely on your Benidorm ‘to-do’ list, make sure you check the opening hours before you go to avoid disappointment as you really don’t want to miss it.