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Beauty Playa Blanca

Me and my husband holidayed to Playa Blanca in October 2002. I was five months pregnant and I wanted nothing more than to relax on the beach during the day and enjoy a quiet meal on a night, and in Playa Blanca, I could do just that. It’s a very chilled out resort, very quiet, which was perfect for us. If you’re after vivacious nightlife you’re better off looking into island’s other resorts.


The beach was so exotic, if there weren’t so many rocks, I could’ve actually been in the Caribbean! So uncrowded too, so it didn’t seem like so many people were looking at my bump! And there were lots of sun beds which was fab. We had lunch at the beach bar most days. They served really filling, tasty sandwiches, although we did have to pay 20 cent to use their toilet, but it wasn’t a problem. We wandered along the promenade at night, choosing a different restaurant to dine at each night. Our favourites were the Casa del Pedro and the Slow Boat Chinese restaurant. We did just one trip during the fortnight and this was to Timanfaya Mountain. It was a little scary at times because of the winding mountain roads only being as wide as the coach (or so it felt like!) It was a fantastic trip though! The best part of the excursion was watching the sun set from the restaurant at the top of the mountain with a lovely meal and sangria (water in my case). We were recommended to visit the Irish bar, Mollies, as it plays live music most evenings and football during the day. It had a really nice atmosphere and I’d recommend it too. We visited Playa Blanca again in April 2007 and this time I was six months pregnant with my second child. It was great to visit Playa Blanca again and I’d really looked forward to another relaxing week. It still had the same tranquil atmosphere and nothing much had changed, apart from the addition of a few more hotels and the opening of a large supermercardo which sold delicious warm baguettes.

During our week here we took the ferry over to Fuerteventura for the day from Playa Blanca port which was fantastic. Our little girl loved it. Again, during the day we just stayed at the beach and at night headed for one of the many restaurants. There are plenty of shops, boutiques and souvenir shops to wander around without the hustle and bustle of a large resort. We will defiantly travel to Playa Blanca again in the future who knows, I could be pregnant again!

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