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Family holiday in Alcudia

February 3rd, 2009

In September 2008 I went to Majorca with my husband, James, and 6 year old daughter, Poppy. We decided to book a last minute holiday and got a fantastic deal through Late Deals to Alcudia. We went for a week and got great flight times which was another reason why we decided to go ahead and book it. We got to our hotel late afternoon and our daughter just wanted to go straight to the pool. So while I got the pleasure of unpacking, James took Poppy to splash around for a while. We then headed out for a wander around the resort. Alcudia is so beautiful; the old town dates back to the Romans, its narrow streets and beautiful old buildings surrounded by a medieval wall.

One of the pretty little streets 

As we’d never been to Majorca before, we didn’t know what to expect from our late deal holiday. We didn’t know anybody who’d been to Alcudia either. We thought Alcudia Bay was so stunning and the beach goes on for miles with a picturesque mountain backdrop. The sea was always warm and was perfect for Poppy as it was so shallow. We felt safe too letting her run down to the sea to fill up her bucket for the moat she’d built around her princess sandcastle. During the day we found plenty of cafes and beach side tavernas around the beach that did really good snacks. We only did 2 trips while we where in Alcudia. One to Formentor beach and the other to the water park.  We travelled to Formentor by boat, and we all loved it! We set off from the main port area and sailed around the north coast of Majorca to a secluded bay. The boat was very modern, not some old rickety thing my husband was expecting. The views of the coastline were so pretty. We moored at a beautiful secluded beach which made us feel like celebs, and enabled Poppy to collect some more shells. I liked that our lunch was included in the price of the trip. The captain stopped the boat  on our return journey to Alcudia so we could all have a swim in the sea. Being the adventurous 6 year old, Poppy loved this and thought it was so much fun. She even jumped from the boat to the sea! We had such a great time and met some very lovely people. We found plenty of restaurants throughout the resort and there was a lot of family entertainment. We would recommend Alcudia to anybody looking for a family holiday, we’d definitely go back.

Mr & Mrs Blunt