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Beat the Heat – Top 10 Ways to Keep Cool on Holiday

Beat the Heat – Top 10 Ways to Keep Cool on Holiday

With the temperatures on the rise across the world, we want to ensure you stay safe and cool when you head on your holiday this summer. 2018 has certainly been a scorcher and sun-worshippers will be lapping up the glorious weather – who can blame them?

But, instead of running up to your air conditioned room for a break from the heat – we have just the top tips to stop you from working up a sweat. From portable cooling devices to little hints and tips about your body – you’ll be the coolest around the pool (we don’t just mean in temperature)!

1. Catch a breeze

We know that feeling when you’re trying to catch some rays, and there isn’t a hint of breeze to keep you from melting on your sunbed. We’ve got you covered! Check out the USB phone fan, cheap to buy and definitely a travel accessory must – this tiny device is surprisingly powerful and will definitely stop your temperatures from rising.

2. Don’t get a cold shower!

You may be fooled to thinking that a cold shower will sort you right out when the temperatures are feeling hot, hot, hot, but in fact it doesn’t quite do the trick. It’s recommended that you take a lukewarm shower to lower your core body temperature. A cold shower will close up your pores and only keep you cool for a short period of time – who knew!

3. Don’t fill your face

We know when you’re heading on your All Inclusive holiday it’s hard not to over-indulge. However, if you keep your portion sizes small, you’ll reap the benefits. Your body fights harder to process larger meals making your body rise in temperature. Try eating light but more frequent meals and you’ll find it much easier to enjoy the sun.

4. Not just your standard beach towel

For instant relief check out the cooling towel, made with a blend of breathable microfibers it will immediately turn icy cold once it’s wet. The portable container acts like a mini-fridge keeping your towel constantly cool, even on the hottest of days.

5. Keep hydrated

It may sound really simple, but when you’re downing those All Inclusive cocktails be sure to keep a bottle or cold glass of water nearby. Too much alcohol can make you feel worse in the heat – as tempting as that cold pint of beer can be. And if you get sick of drinking all that H2O, you can always opt for an ice lolly or ice-cream.

6. Make your own shade

Because sunbed wars aren’t hard enough, if you’re not quick enough to bag yourself an umbrella there is no escaping the sun. So we recommend the Versa-Brella, a portable umbrella that can be easily attached to your sunlounger, chair and is especially handy for those with babies in pushchairs.

7. Keep your feet cool in the pool

Your feet are one of your body’s quick-cooling spots, much like your wrists and neck. If you keep these areas of your body in low temperatures, you’ll instantly feel the benefits. Try sitting with just your feet in the pool, a wet towel around your neck and cold water on your wrists. If the pool is warm off the sun, try using the poolside showers as a fresh, cold water source.

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8. Pitch a tent

And if the portable umbrella doesn’t cut it, try the Shader which specifically protects your face from the sun and acts as a pillow, win, win! Not to mention, the other side of your pillow acts as a drinks holder – not only keeping you cool but your cocktails too.

9. Spray fans

A life saver if you plan on walking around in the heat exploring, the mini misting fan will help you beat the heat wherever you are. This light and easy device will provide you with relief on the hottest of days spraying cool water onto your body – it’s like a breath of fresh air.

10. Keep protected

You should always keep protected, especially with a heatwave on the horizon. Layer that factor 50 on thick and frequently to ensure you don’t get burnt. And with cooling suncream mist, you can do just that and more! This sensational sun protection will cool you down and allow you to have fun in the sun.

Now you’ve got all the hints and tips you need – check out our sensational deals!