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How to play ‘Beat the Cold SNAP!’

So, Christmas is over, January is looming and the dark nights aren’t disappearing any time soon. The festive madness and cold winter weather can leave you longing for siestas on the beach or cocktails by the pool – join in our ‘Beat the Cold SNAP!’ competition and make that dream a reality.

From Monday 26th December, you’ll have the opportunity to win an exclusive pack of Holiday Hypermarket playing cards with a little something special hidden within. Vouchers will be included in every pack at random, but you won’t know how much you’ll receive until you open your prize. Vouchers range up to £50, so you can get the relaxing break you need and enjoy a game of Snap in the sun!

How to win

Visit our Facebook page – Holiday Hypermarket – every weekday afternoon to play along in our very own game of Snap. The pairs will quickly flicker through, keep your eyes peeled, and SNAP! – among them will be a matching pair of number or picture cards. So in the example above, you’d quickly comment on the post with ‘2s’. The first 10 eagle-eyed people to comment with the correct number will receive a pack of exclusive Holiday Hypermarket playing cards along with a discount voucher inside.

Remember to check back in with us every weekday from Boxing Day until Friday 27th January to join in the fun and stand a chance of getting your 2017 off to a sunny start! Each person can only win once, and the voucher can be used for any destination as long as you book before 30th April 2017, depart before 30th September 2017 and your booking is over £600.

If you’ve been lucky enough to win and need a little bit of inspiration of how to spend your voucher, check out our fantastic handpicked deals of discounted bestselling hotels and resorts.

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