Beat the Back to Work Blues

Beat the Back to Work Blues

Unable to function properly when returning to work after the festive period? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Apparently re-adjusting to the early mornings, tackling the mountain of work that’s piled up and being in an office full of colleagues who are feeling just as miserable, takes its toll on many of us.

A study carried out earlier this year by charity, SPANA, found that almost half of adults in the UK believe they suffer from the dreaded January blues. From the cold weather to counting down the everlasting days until payday, there’s many reasons why Britons say they struggle to get back into the office swing of things. Find out how many you can relate to, and more importantly how to banish them!

1. The weather is… horrible

Let’s face it, Britain this time of year is nothing but a pretty damp and dreary place. With temperatures hovering around the 10°C mark – and that’s if we’re lucky – it’s tempting not to even leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Rain, wind and – god forbid – snow just aren’t for us!

Thankfully there’s plenty of dreamy destinations with guaranteed heat for the first few months of the year. January especially is a great month for parts of the world like the Caribbean and Asia, when temperatures soar whilst also remaining dry.

Head to toasty Thailand, sunny Sri Lanka or even venture out to Vietnam – the weather certainly won’t disappoint you in any of these picturesque places. Thailand alone see’s temperatures in the low to mid thirties, making it ideal tan-topping weather.

If you’d prefer somewhere with a little less travel time, then a trip to any of the Canary Islands would make a great getaway this time of year too. Take your pick from Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or even Lanzarote – temperatures this time of year still hover around 20°C. That’s more than pleasant enough to enjoy a few tipples in the sunshine!

2. The days are short and dark

We wake up for work and guess what? It’s dark. We finally finish work for the day and guess what? It’s dark! Have you had enough of coming in and chucking our PJ’s on straight away, simply because it already feels like night time? Us too!

Sadly it’s still a while yet before Britain’s long summer days make a comeback, but that doesn’t mean you have to endure anymore darkness. There’s numerous destinations with plenty of hours of sun still up for grabs – the hard part is just deciding where!

Cancun in Mexico is a popular choice for many – with around 11 hours of sunshine each day in January, you’ll be able to top up that tan beside stunning turquoise waters and blindingly white sands.

For a getaway with less flight time – only six hours – Cape Verde is also a good choice. Similarly to Mexico, it boasts 11 hours of sunshine this time of year – in comparison to Britain’s measly eight. And let’s face it, that’s not really ‘sunshine’.

3. Feeling tired and sluggish

It’s that time of year when we’re all feeling just a little bit groggy. Maybe you succumbed to the office cold and have been left coughing miserably for weeks on end or perhaps you’ve just eaten enough cheese and crackers to make anyone feel lethargic.

Whatever the reason, getting up for those early morning alarms is tougher than ever at the minute. Why not kick start the new year with a holiday offering the ultimate in relaxation? Think of it as pressing the ‘restart’ button – you’ll come back feeling fully refreshed and ready to take on whatever this year has in store for you.

Everyone knows a bit of Vitamin D is a great health booster – from contributing to healthy bones, reducing the risk of flu and just generally improving your mood, it’s the au-natural dose of goodness we could use right about now. Get yourself in that sunshine and you’ll likely sharp see an improvement in your general health!

4. Feeling like you’ve got to wait a long time before booking more days off

Maybe your annual holiday allowance hasn’t refreshed yet or perhaps you just feel like you need to wait a while before annoying your boss by sticking any new holiday requests in. Well before you go putting any old holidays in, make sure to effectively plan to make the absolute most out of your time off.

One way to make sure you make the most out of your holidays and get more annual leave in 2020 is to put them in tactically!

April isn’t too far away – and this year, Easter falls on Sunday 12th. Meaning we get to cash in on two bank holidays either side of the weekend! So… by booking just five working days off, you’ll actually end up with a lovely 11-day break. Winner winner!

Don’t hang around and put off putting those holidays in – get them in before your co-worker does!

5. There’s nothing to look forward to

The Christmas decorations are all down, the festive parties are all finished and you’re feeling a little glum about having nothing in the pipeline. The excitement of Christmas has passed – but the excitement of a holiday could be just around the corner!

Now’s the perfect time to get something booked in the calendar. You’ve got the whole year ahead of you – the world is quite literally your oyster! Browse our blog for some holiday inspiration – whether it be where to go for a grown up getaway or where to find last minute winter sun in Europe.

Something is sure to catch your eye!

6. You find it hard to motivate yourself

Let’s face it, no matter how hard you try to stick to the whole ‘new year, new you’ mindset, it’s sometimes a lot harder to achieve once the reality sets in.

But getting onboard with a new healthy lifestyle is a lot easier when it’s something you enjoy – and opting for a holiday at one of the brilliant TUI Blue resorts could be just the ticket to kick-start your new regime in style.

Forget battling for a spot on the treadmill in your local gym among your entire town. Instead, that exercise motivation will come naturally thanks to the array of fitness fun at hand. Get stuck into fun activities like paddle-boarding, kayaking, and yoga, just to name a few.  The BLUEF!T programme in these hotels comes with well-equipped gyms, outdoor fitness areas and innovative classes, where you can work off that Christmas turkey in no time.

7. Feeling like you’ve socialised enough over the Christmas period to last a lifetime

You’ve seen every family member, had plenty of nights out with your pals, and bumped into every man and his dog over the festive period.

Seeing any more people is just an effort you don’t need right now – and that’s what these secluded bays and footprint-free sands are for! Why not take a look at some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic – which sees scorching temperatures at just under 30 degrees this time of year – and picture yourself laying back without a care in the world.

We’re talking time to kick back and get lost in your favourite book, with nothing but the sounds of the ocean to disturb you. The manic stress of Christmas will be long forgotten!

8. Everyone is doing dry January

Maybe you’re managing to stick to it…or perhaps you gave up in week one. Either way, the choice is a whole lot easier in the sun!

Everyone around you is banning the alcohol, but you’re thinking nothing would go down nicer than a few drinks to get through this miserable month. Well how about going one step further and adding a bit of sunshine into the mix?

On holiday you can decide to keep it dry and stick to soft drinks, smoothies, fruity coolers and countless lattes – or you can make your way through the cocktail list! Cuba‘s at the top of our list when it comes to amazing nightlife and colourful cocktails this time of year. Havana and rum go hand in hand!

Beat the blues and get booked…

Don’t hang on any longer – get searching for your next getaway now! Swap those ‘January blues’ for the nicer ones of bright blue skies and turquoise seas – as well as topping up your tan. Use our handy search tool to tell us what you’d like then let us do the hard work. We’ll have dreamy deals ready for you in a flash! Alternatively, you can always just give us a call on 0800 916 5100 – our team of holiday experts are on hand to chat seven days a week!

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