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Beat the Airport Rush, Book Airport Hotels

That’s the advice from hotel Radisson Blu spokeswoman Kathrin Cockhill. The director of sales and marketing for the Radisson Blu said that booking a hotel that is on site the night before your flight can offer you a much more relaxing start to your holidays.

“You can have dinner at leisure … you can have a glass of wine and not worry about being late and missing your flight in the morning,’ said Ms Cockhill. ‘The main advantage is that you are on site, ready to go and you can start your holiday the night before – which adds to the whole relaxing experience of going on a break.”

While the cost of an additional night’s hotel accommodation might put off some holidaymakers, the benefits are worth considering. Not only do you have a leisurely start to the first part of your holiday journey, you are also well-placed should your flight be significantly delayed. If you know that it has suffered a delay, you can extend your check-out time and relax in the hotel instead of being cooped up in the airport.

In addition, if you are journeying with young children, then it will be much easier to get them out of bed and ready on time for the flight if you’re making an early departure. However, if you’re off on family holidays, perhaps it won’t be too tricky getting the kids up early, they’ll probably be the ones excitedly getting you up!

If you’re a business traveller, you have the added bonus of being in a good position to get some work the night before your flight.