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Beach Tomato Launches Best Beach Property Awards

Online magazine Beach Tomato will soon launch its inaugural awards to highlight to hottest beach properties around the world.

Designed to bring you the latest news in beach fashion, culture and style, Beach Tomato has decided to give the best beachside hotels and guesthouses the chance to shine. With a combination of expert judges deciding the winners of some categories and others going to a public vote, we’re sure to have a string mix of incredible and varied beach properties taking the top spots.

Tom Marchant, co-founder of both Beach Tomato and Black Tomato adds, “Beach Tomato was created to share the very best of beach culture and with the Beach Property Awards, we look forward to celebrating our experts’ and readers’ best beachside accommodation around the world.”

The categories have been designed to showcase the best properties which will appeal to wide variety of tastes. There’s bound to be something for the party animals, the quiet relaxers, the adventurous families and every other type of beach bod!

The six categories are: Private Sand, Sexy, Scene, Local Flavour, On Water and Spa.

Most of the categories are self explanatory but a couple need a little clarification. The “Scene” category rates properties which are a focal point for the local beach scene, rather than just being a place to stay. The “On Water” category covers resorts and properties which are literally on the waters themselves, which is an iconic feature of many of the top resorts for Maldives holidays.

In addition, the three categories which allow the public to vote their favourite property are: Iconic, Unique and View.

So whatever you desire most from your beach holidays, scanning the winners of the awards is sure to yield some great ideas for your next sunny, sandy trip.