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I absolutely LOVED my first holiday without the family to Ayia Napa! My friend and I are both 18 and went for a week. We had such a class time we wished we’d booked for 2. Not sure we’d have survived though!! Most of our friends seem to have gone to Ibiza so we wanted to go somewhere different but still really lively. We had heard Ayia Napa was a really hot party destination, and we were definitely not disappointed…we booked with First Choice 2wentys because their holidays are described as “young and lively” as we wanted to meet people similar ages to us and enjoy a reallyyy crazy nightlife. Our hotel was called the Maria Apartments, and it was pretty basic, but rooms were clean and more than enough seeing as we hardly spent any time in them. Early on in the week we left a tip for the cleaner to say sorry because we are a tiny bit messy, and she actually started sorting our make-up and hanging up our clothes for us (I don’t get that off my mum!!!) The hotel’s atmosphere was really nice, and we got to know the staff quite well, which made things so much more of a laugh as the banter flew! The reps were fantastic too. They were so informative, and totally understood we wanted to partyyy! So they told us all the best places to go and never hassled us into going on any trips or anything we didn’t fancy, even tho they earn most of their money like this. Loads sounded really good tho so we went on a few! On our 1st night, it was a bar crawl. I’d definitely recommend doing it as we probs would have wasted the first few nights trying to find all the best bars and clubs, but this way we were shown round and sampled loads of them. It was really well organised, loads of us went on it, we met loads of great people, and best of all there were shots waiting for us in every bar. We hung out with the same crowd most we met that night most of the week. Best places were probably Castle Club and Bedrock. The beach BBQ was probably my fave night out tho. We all dressed up in Hawaiian stuff and danced on the beach to some mint tunes, great food and FREE BAR!!!

We also spent a day at the water park as a big group, and when we arrived we decided it was our mission to go on every single ride, and a few of us even managed it! At €30 I wouldn’t say it was cheap entry but we definitely got our money’s worth! I have no idea how I found the energy to go out that night! We’ve literally just got back, but we’ve already booked Ayia Napa next summer and this time, we have of course booked for two weeks!!! So if you usually go to Ibiza, STOP!!! Book Ayia Napa instead, you really won’t regret it.  See you all next August……

Tracey (Tie-dye) Taylor