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Awesome Agadir

With the Autumn gloom setting in after a disappointingly cold summer, all it took was one rainy day to finally encourage my husband as I to book a cheap holiday deal in the sun. So as the rain pattered against our windows, we got ourselves comfortable and prepared to approach the gruelling task that is holiday hunting. We were pleasantly surprised though, as after just 40 minutes of searching we stumbled upon a 3* allocation-on-arrival to Morocco staying on a B&B basis. Desperate to get away from the awful British weather, we were willing to take our chances and quickly snapped up the offer.

Just a week later we were arriving in Agadir. It was so hot, so we were off to a good start. We found out our hotel name after being met by a rep in resort. We would be staying at the ‘Le Tivoli Hotel’ and were quite shocked to find it was 4*. Definitely not what we expected to get from allocation-on-arrival. It was only after we arrived at the hotel that we realised how much of a bargain we got. The hotel was lovely and we somehow ended up with a sea view room! We felt so lucky. We couldn’t fault the staff either, they were very friendly and polite.

So close to the sea!

The sun was glorious so for the first few days so we either stayed around the pool to soak up the sunshine or headed off to the beach which was so beautiful. There were lots of sunbeds and parasols available. Before writing this review I’d read a few other reviews and I can honestly stay the beach was really nice and clean, and although you do get some touts trying to sell you tat a lot of the time all you need to do is smile and say “no” and they will leave you alone. Steve persuaded me to go on a camel ride, and although I really didn’t like the look of camels and didn’t think I would feel safe being that high on one I really enjoyed it. Have to say it wasn’t the most comfortable ride I’ve ever had though! I’d recommend it though. Can’t say it’s something you’d do everyday! Definitely haggle for your price before you get on. On Thursday we headed to the market for a bit of retail therapy. I was pleasantly surprised at the things on offer. There was so much to choose from it’s definitely a shopper’s paradise and I was a quick learner when it came to haggling and got some amazing bargains with a new handbag being the best purchase. The spices in baskets were such vibrant colours, it was amazing.

Colourful spices at the market

Colourful spices at the market

There’s a small tourist train to take you around the resort and it’s not that expensive. It’s a nice way to get around and see places. The food really varies and isn’t that expensive. It’s probably worth mentioning that there is plenty to do on an evening too. We had such a brilliant time and didn’t really expect it since we had only booked a cheap holiday. I’m so glad it had rained that day in England now, otherwise we may never have gone on this fabulous holiday!

Becky and Steve, Manchester