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About Julia

Julia is a transplant to the UK from her native Boston, and loves writing about adventure travel and living like a local. Her favourite holidays involve lots of long meals and getting lost.

Which Greek God Are You?

Are you ruling the world like Zeus, gossiping like Hermes, playing matchmaker like Aphrodite? Take our quiz to find out!

Your Guide to Antalya’s Rooftop Bars

The Antalya area in Turkey is quite a stunning holiday destination: with luxurious holiday resorts perfect for beach bods offering sunbathing, watersports and swimming not far from picturesque fishing villages and ancient Roman ruins not far away, whether...

Extreme Airports That Are, Yes, Real

Apparently, the miracle of flight is not enough for some people – they have to build airports that defy the laws of physics and nature, as well.

Can Travelling Help You Live Longer?

Think of holiday health, and you may picture jet lag, over-indulgence or a bout of traveller’s tummy, but there are actually many long-term health benefits.

Packing an Airplane-Friendly Meal

What are you supposed to eat when you're hopping on a plane? Let's take a look at some simple, delicious recipes you can pack away in your hand luggage