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About Helena Smith

Helena became obsessed with travel after visiting Nepal in her gap year and has since found any excuse to travel as much as possible. She is an expert when it comes to Asia, having travelled extensively around this area, brimming with tips and ideas for travelling on a budget. She loves experiencing the weirdest and most wonderful food and culture in whichever continent she finds herself.

Revealing the Best of Greece

Today we welcome Eleni from Reveal Greece, an independent blog that celebrates all things Greek to inspire people to visit the beautiful islands.

Travel Advice from the Expert: An Interview with Steve King

Steve King: broadcaster, journalist, travel writer, author, columnist and presenter – is there anything he can’t do? As a self-confessed “helpless victim of the travel bug,” Steve is a Twitter celebrity who weaves his travel expertise with beauty...

The World’s Grossest Hangover Cures

How about a helping of sheep’s eyeballs? Or a deep fried canary? Many people swear by these cures, yet they could leave you feeling worse than ever.