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Lago Verde: Lanzarote’s Green Lagoon

Lanzarote is known for its dazzling beaches & fantastic food. El Golfo combines both & is home to something even more special: Lago Verde, the Green Lagoon

A Traveller’s Guide to Mindfulness

Stressed about where your passport is? Overwhelmed by all the packing? Sometimes even just the holiday prep can leave the calmest among us stressed

Crazy Themed Planes from Around the World

We all know the old cliché about it not being the destination that’s important, but how you get there. If you’re going to fly, why not fly in style? There are plenty of planes out there marked up...

10 People You Always See at the Beach

We all love the beach. It's usually the first thing to pop into our heads when we think “holiday”. Here are 10 people you're bound to see there: