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Brenda Wilkin

About Brenda Wilkin

Meet Brenda. Brenda is our health and fitness expert with a wealth of knowledge in adventure and activity holidays. When she isn’t running, cycling or swimming you can find her relaxing in the spa – pampering after her hard work. Having taken part in ironman distance triathlons and ultra-marathons she’s always keen to try out new adventures. Brenda has worked in travel for over 10 years and is in the know when it comes to Spain and Turkey holidays. Being coeliac means Brenda knows the hotels to choose when it comes to dietary needs.

16 Essential Carry On Beauty Items

It’s a nightmare trying to decide what beauty bits to bring on your carry-on, you don’t have to be a beauty junkie to find it challenging. Here at Holiday Hypermarket we’ve wanted to share our 16 essential carry on beauty items that are cool, compact, and a must have for your holiday getaway. Plus you won’t need to skimp on your favourite brands.

15 Annoying Tourist Habits – How Many Are You Guilty Of?

Holidays are all about escaping the daily grind, but despite our efforts to relax - other tourists can still spoil things. We all love to have a whine about these annoying tourist habits, while some of us think they keep us entertained, during our day of people watching.

On your marks, get set, Lanzarote

If you feel like a sporting challenge, then Lanzarote is host to an abundance of sporting events such as - Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote, Ocean Lava Triathlon, Swim Crossing Lanzarote and the Lanzarote marathon.

New eco tax to hit the Balearics – could you be affected?

Could the introduction of the Eco Tax affect your 2016 Balearic holiday? Holiday makers could face an £80 levy on future holidays to the islands of Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca, with the introduction of the new ‘Green Tax’ on the popular Spanish destinations.

10 ways to pack the gym into your holiday suitcase

Just because you’re going away on holiday, it doesn’t mean that your fitness routine should take a holiday as well. There are plenty of ways of keeping fit, while you’re away that doesn’t involve slaving away in the hotel’s gym for hours on end

Natural remedies for sunburn that actually work

We all know that sunburn is better prevented, rather than treated by host of remedies. Mistakes do happen. Despite your best efforts to protect your skin from sun damage, you end up looking like a lobster - that’s been left in the pot too long.

UK police to patrol the streets of Benidorm

UK police officers are going to start patrolling the streets of Benidorm, following on from its success in Magaluf and Ibiza. In exchange the plan is for Spanish police to patrol areas of Britain.

Drink the alphabet: A-Z of drinks around the world

Drinks and holidays go together hand in hand, there is no better way to make friends and encourage conversation. Hot drinks warm the soul, fruit juices deliver a burst of energy and herbal teas can sooth the stomach.