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Aurora Stories – A Travel Blog to Watch

If you enjoyed our blog of the month in November, which of course was the fantastic FreydeFleur then do we have a treat in store for you. We’ve been on the hunt for another amazing travel blog we know you’ll get stuck in to, and of course we never disappoint.

Our December’s blog of the month is Aurora Stories written by the extremely talented Victoria Metaxas, with in-depth descriptions of her travels and encounters you immediately feel as though you’re along for the ride.

If you’re struggling to decide where to go on your 2016 holiday, just give Victoria’s posts a read, I mean if someone describes Florence as ‘spine-tingling’ it’s going to make you want to go, right? Victoria’s articulate yet conversational tone makes you feel as though you’re simply having a one-on-one chin wag together over afternoon tea… can you tell we’ve imagined this scenario in depth? What we mean is that her blog is just really easy to read, engage with and most importantly, enjoy.

What stands out on Aurora Stories is that not only does Victoria express what activities she gets up to on her travels such as ‘going for lunch,’ she also tells you exactly what restaurant or cafe she went to and her opinion of it, think of her as your very own tour guide recommending you all the hot spots around the area. This is especially helpful if you’re already visiting the particular city or town that Victoria is describing and you’re a bit unsure where the best eateries, shops or beaches are.

As Victoria lives in London, she also writes lifestyle posts on the busy town… we consider her a bit of an expert on the subject. If that wasn’t enough, she also works alongside other international bloggers and brands as a photographer providing them with unbelievable, high quality image content… we don’t know how she does it either.