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August is a special month for us. Click here to find out why…

This month Holiday Hypermarket launched its first ever television advert. Yes, that’s right, we’re venturing into the world of TV. For those of you lucky enough to live in the north west, you might spy our ad on ITV. We’re also on Channel 5 across the whole of the north and visible to anyone watching ITV HD or catch-up.

For everyone else who might not get a chance to see it, you can watch our ad here:

At Holiday Hypermarket we firmly believe that holidays are for everyone, and we hope that’s the message our advert gets across. Whether you’re a nature nutter, a culture vulture or a beach bum we have the perfect holiday for you. But we also think that holidays are for your pets, your great aunts and even your TV for that matter – because even your TV deserves a break from being shouted at every once in a while, especially after this year’s World Cup antics.

Over the last few months we’ve had quite a few people asking for advice about holidays and hotels to suit their specific needs. So to coincide with the competition, we’re launching a series of blogs that focus on specific types of holidaymaker. Behold, the ever-so-imaginatively-named ‘Holidays Are For Everyone’ blogs. Each Wednesday we will be adding a new post that focuses on finding you guys the best hotels and destination for your needs. So whether you’re a single traveller who struggles to find hotels that offer single rooms and always seems to get stung with a hefty room supplement, or you’re trying to find the perfect party resort for a large group of twenty-somethings, then keep your eyes peeled each week for our latest addition.

We hope you enjoy the advert. Don’t change the channel or you’ll make our pooch sad.