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These Photos of Assumption Day Celebrations in Greece Will Make Your Day

It’s the second biggest religious holiday after Easter in Greece, and it’s a cause for huge celebration. The feast day of the Assumption of Mary may have Christian roots, but it’s clearly a party than anyone would enjoy. With the festivities coming up on August 15, get excited for one of the world’s great festivals…


Image credit: Oloi Mazi Boroume

As much as religious festivals and Saints Days in Greece hold a great deal of importance for the people who live there, they’re about more than the religious traditions these days, as the population of Greece become less religious.

These events, instead, have become the perfect opportunity for celebrations, festivals and folklore parties to take place right across the country and its islands, bringing together family, friends and tourists alike.


Image credit: Thema News

In villages, towns and islands across Greece, August 15 means fireworks, fun, flowers, public squares full of people dancing, delicious food and free drinks.

Assumption Day brings families together – the younger members of which are often named after their elder relatives – reinforcing the bonds of local communities, and bringing age-old traditions back into modern day times.


Image credit: GB Times

On the Greek island of Tinos, situated in the Aegean Sea along the Cyclades archipelago, thousands of pilgrims flock to Church of the Megalohari, home to an icon that has long been said to perform miracles.

Here, the Greek Orthodox faithful follow the litany of the holy icon of Virgin Mary in Tinos during last year’s celebration:

Image credit: Cyprus News Agency

Also on the island of Tinos, here the navy contingent carried the epitaph of Virgin Mary out of the Church of Panayia Evangelistria in a grand procession:

Image credit: Cyprus News Agency

For modern Greeks, the island of Ikaria is the place to be throughout the Assumption Day festivites.

Some of the most authentic local celebrations of the Virgin Mary’s day in Greece take place on this gorgeous island (which is also home to some of the longest-living people on the planet), attracting hundreds of travelers.


Image credit: GB Times

Travelling to Greece this summer on holiday and want to join in the fun? If your trip coincides with this year’s Assumption Day celebrations, make sure you experience the event for yourselves – and send us the snaps afterwards, too!