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‘A Right Dive’ – Oil Rig Is Converted Into Unique Hotel Perfect For Scuba Divers

An old disused oil rig has been cleverly converted into the world’s first scuba diving hotel, just off the coast of Malaysia.

The Seaventures Dive Resort in the Celebes Sea is perfectly located for diving and is surrounded by coral reefs which are home to barracudas, pygmy sea horses, frog fish and regal sharks.

Seaventures Dive Resort

The isolated hotel has 25 bedrooms, and an elevated sun deck offering views over the sea to neighbouring Borneo, Indonesia and the Philippines.

To get to the rig, guests must fly into Kuala Lumpur; take an hour’s drive to the coast, than a further one hour boat ride to their unique destination.

The journey should be well worth it though as the waters here have been likened to those surrounding the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.

Divers are lowered on the rig training dive platform into the water to the stunning coral reef just below the surface, and just next to breathtaking underwater cliffs that suddenly plummet 180 feet to the sea floor.

The underwater world here is rich in nutrients swept in on the currents making it ideal for a variety of colourful marine life.

“You can buy a used drilling platform just like you can buy a used boat so it wasn’t that hard to manage” explained owner Suzette Harris, who is very excited about the new project and believes it to be the only hotel of its kind in the world. She went on to say that new divers will be given expert tuition and believes everyone will be very excited by the whole experience.